Denver Mayor Cuts City Services to Redirect Funds to Illegal Alien Crisis – Tries to Blame Republicans

Denver Mayor Bill Johnston

On Friday, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced several cuts to city services. He will redirect funds to the flood of illegal migrants who have entered the sanctuary city since Joe Biden took office. Johnston made clear that these are just the first in what could be an ongoing series of cuts in city services.

The first cuts will impact the DMV and Parks and Recreation department. On-call and seasonal workers will be most affected.

Johnston blamed Republicans for the crisis – something that was entirely of Joe Biden’s making.

Note: In 2017, President Trump’s policies resulted in the lowest number of illegal migrants entering the US in 50 years.
In 2023, President Biden’s policies resulting in an invasion of illegal aliens at the border.

US border invasion by the year. In 2017 Trump policies resulted in lowest number of illegal invaders in 47 years. Joe Biden then eliminated Trump policies and oversaw the largest invasion of any country in history.

Johnston blamed Republicans for Joe Biden’s open borders disaster.

Mayor Mike Johnston: Thank you all so much for being here this morning. I’m here to talk a little bit about the devastating impact of the failure of Republican leadership in Congress this week to pass comprehensive immigration change and the impact that will have on both city budgets and on services that we can provide for newcomers in the city. The second is we will start to have to greenlight a set of hard decisions about budget reductions across the city to meet those costs that we know will continue to arrive. We want to talk about two of those today.

While they’re the first steps, they unfortunately will not be the last and may not be the hardest. This is a plan for shared sacrifice.

Biden’s open borders mean “shared sacrifices” for all.

These Democrats really are too much.

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