MUST WATCH: Butler County Sheriff Offers Disaster Training to Civilians in Preparation for Imminent Terror Attacks and 2024 Elections Amid Federal Warnings of Election Interference (VIDEO)

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio

At the recent National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C., Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones expressed grave concerns regarding the safety of the American electoral process and broader national security threats.

Based on briefings with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Sheriff Jones has taken the unprecedented step of offering disaster preparedness training to civilians in the county.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio, is sounding the alarm over national security threats posed by illegal immigrants and potential terrorist activities within the country.

“They’re here not to be our friends. Some of them are coming because they’re wanting to come here to the best country in the world. The way we see, some are coming here to do harm to us. And we were told by the FBI director, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” Jones warned.

During the conference, Jones learned from federal agencies that there are more red flags for potential terrorist activity than there were before the September 11 attacks. With the U.S. currently engaging in military action in two countries, Jones highlighted that some of the thousands of people from 160 different countries present in the U.S. might harbor ill intent.

MUST WATCH: Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones Issues Stark Warning After Meeting with FBI Dir. Chris Wray on Illegal Immigration — More Terror Threats Now Than Before 9/11: “It’s Not a Matter of If, It’s a Matter of When”

The sheriff emphasized that the threats were not only from traditional terrorist attacks but also from cyber incursions aimed at disrupting local governance and the upcoming 2024 elections.

“We were also told that—this is from the federal government three days ago—they’re going to attack our elections, which they’ve always done, just not the “national ones.” They’re going to go into the locals. They encouraged us to talk to our local election officials and be prepared as much as they can for cyber attacks, even local ones. You have to be prepared,” said Jones.

“We’ve been told that, again, they’re coming here to do harm to us. And even in Ohio or in the United States, we’re not going to be able to call and ask for help from the federal government. They’re going to be busy. The military is not coming; the National Guard is not coming. When 9/11 hit, it was all the police and the fire, and they were in total, total organized chaos,” he added.

With the 2024 elections on the horizon, Sheriff Jones has unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering the resilience of Butler County’s civilians against a spectrum of threats, from cyberattacks to terrorist infiltrations.

The plan is underpinned by disturbing revelations that foreign powers, notably China, Iran, and “Russia,” have been relentlessly targeting Butler County’s critical systems.

“The Russians attacked our system—our electronic system, our computer system; they hacked it. They also are trying to hack, just not ours. And we were down for two months.”

“Now, was that to help us? No, it wasn’t to help us. It was to hurt us and cause chaos. As we speak today, the Russians are still attacking our computer system, just like they’re attacking most of yours.”

Sheriff Jones revealed alarming statistics: Chinese cyber operatives attempt to compromise Butler County systems handling police and fire dispatch five times daily. Similarly, he reported that Iranian agents make three attempts each day to breach these systems.

“The Chinese tried to attack our cyber system here in Butler County, which includes everything that we have dispatching for police and fire, five times a day. I want to repeat that: five times a day. The Iranians are attacking our computer system and trying to hack it three times a day. I want to repeat that: three times a day.”

“Now, are they doing that to help us and be our friends? No, they’re not. They’re trying to disrupt everything that we do. And this next election coming up, they’re trying to do the same.”

In response to these multifaceted threats, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department is taking decisive action.

Key Components of the Preparedness Program:

Enhanced Law Enforcement Readiness: Every police vehicle in Butler County will be equipped with rifles and “go bags” containing extra magazines, ensuring officers are prepared for immediate response to any threat.
Civilian Disaster Preparedness Training: The department has launched a pilot program offering classes to civilians on how to respond to disasters and emergencies. The training aims to equip residents with the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves and assist others during crises.

The initial offering was limited to 30 participants, quickly reaching full capacity due to high demand.
Further sessions are planned to accommodate more civilians, with the goal of broadening the reach of the program.

Federal Support and Collaboration: The training initiative is supported by the federal government and delivered in partnership with Texas Annual, an organization specializing in disaster preparedness training.
Focus on Cyber and Physical Security Threats: The program addresses the dual challenges of cyber and physical security, including the risks posed by outdated infrastructure, such as the 1960s-era grid system vulnerable to both physical and cyber attacks.
Drone Detection and Defense: Recognizing the limitations of current technology in detecting and neutralizing drones, the Sheriff’s Department is exploring partnerships with the private sector to acquire technology capable of identifying and countering drone threats.
Public Awareness Campaign: Sheriff Jones emphasized the importance of public awareness, urging residents to recognize the reality of daily attacks on the community’s digital and physical security by foreign actors. The initiative seeks to inform without inciting undue fear or panic.

“We’ve offered classes to train civilians, and we’re going to start training civilians on what to do when disasters and emergencies hit. Naturally, we can’t train the whole country; we can’t even train the whole county. We put this up online yesterday, and it’s full. We could do like 30 people at a time,” Jones said.

“We’re trying to get it. And the organization that is doing that is Texas […]. They’re coming here. The federal government’s paying for it. They’re going to train 30 civilians on what to do when disaster said 30 out of 400,000 people is not much.”

“So, we’re trying to get more classes. I don’t want to cause fear. I don’t want to cause panic. But I want the public to be aware that you are under attack. And when they’re attacking, they’re trying to get our cyber system.”

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