Stephen Miller Goes Off: “Joe Biden Belongs in Prison” (Video)

Stephen Miller joins Jesse Watters

Former Trump Chief Advisor Stephen Miller joined Jesse Watters Thursday night and absolutely destroyed the DOJ’s handling of Biden’s document scandal.

On Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Hur released a 345-page report on Biden’s stolen classified documents investigation showing that Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center, his Delaware garage, his Virginia home, and his lawyer’s Boston office.

Hur found that Biden “willfully retained” classified information; however, he decided not to charge him.

According to Hur, in 2017,  Biden even read aloud classified passages about meetings in the Situation Room to his ghostwriter.

But, in a two-tiered system of justice in the United States, Biden will not face charges.

Jesse Watters:  This is the President of the United States garage, Stephen Miller. This is where he was keeping information about U. S. Weapons capabilities, foreign intelligence, military secrets. There it is next to a lamp with duct tape wrapped around it and a shoebox. The FBI said that box was so dilapidated and crumbled that they couldn’t even pick it up. They had to take the classified documents and put it in another box. Now this is a garage that Hunter’s in and out of with Jackie Bao, who’s tied to Chinese intelligence. This is where the garage doors open. They’re going on a joyride in the corvette.

Now, you take this and look at Donald Trump, where his documents were. They were locked up in a secure facility.

Boxes had tops on them, guarded by Secret Service on an estate on an island. Now, the media went crazy when those images came out. How can you continue to go forward with this document prosecution on the Trump side after what we’ve witnessed here with this off-ramp that the special counsel has given Joe Biden, who had a garage that looked like my great-grandfather’s, after a rummage sale?

Stephen Miller: Well, yes, let’s be very clear that the Department of Justice, the report they wrote was a attempt to get Joe Biden completely scot-free off of the documents case while they are persecuting Donald Trump.

Those pictures you showed are the least secure handling and storing of classified information I’ve ever seen in my life.

Donald Trump stored the records based on consultation with the Department of Justice and the National Archives, records that he, as President, has the absolute right to maintain, to control, to declassify. That is an unmitigated right of the President of the United States. Joe Biden had no such right. Joe Biden was Vice-President, not President.

He was Senator, not President, when he stole these records, when he purloined these records. And yet he is not being prosecuted. And we know why he’s not being prosecuted. Because this system is rigged, Jesse. It’s rigged in the same way that black lives matter can torch buildings and kill people and ruin lives. But pro-life protesters, they get thrown in the slammer. It’s rigged because if you are on the right team, if you’re on the Democrat team, you can commit any crime and you will be shielded. And if you’re on the wrong team, you’re the Republican team, and certainly for Donald Trump, no matter how innocent you are, you will be railroaded.

Joe Biden belongs in prison. He willfully retained and disclosed classified information, and he has absolutely no right to retain those records because he was not the President of the United States.

Watters: And he’s lying right to the American people about disclosing classified information. The report says he shared classified information with his ghost writer for the book. And then we was asked about it. He said it wasn’t true and told some crazy story about Afghanistan. And now knowing this whole time, he’s been sitting on this dusty, disheveled box of classified documents in his garage and all over Chinatown and Penn Biden center, he was green-lighting his Justice Department to go raid Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Think about how diabolical that is.

Miller: Well, because we don’t live in a free country anymore. We don’t live in a democracy anymore. We live in a country where there’s a ruling party, a ruling regime, ruling power centers, and they decide who goes to jail and who is innocent.

Look, Hunter Biden had unfettered access to these documents in this area. A drug addict had unfettered access. This is the same time as the Biden family is making millions and millions of dollars in shady foreign dealings. How easy would it have been for any number of foreign governments to obtain access to this garage? How often was the garage open? How often were these facilities unsecured? This is a complete and total violation of our nation’s most essential secrets.

But at the end of the day, this is the same government that has a wide open border and trafficks in children is the same government that censors our speech illegally. It’s the same government that allows people to vote without any verification. And it’s the same government trying to throw Donald Trump in jail because he’s the leader of the opposition party. They don’t care about the rules. They care about power. Jesse.

Watters: Yeah, you got a wide open garage and border. It looks like a mess on both fronts. Steven, thank you so much.


The president’s discombobulated garage and trove of classified documents symbolizes not only his presidency, but his mental state.

— Jesse Watters (@JesseBWatters) February 9, 2024

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