Joe Rogan Says ‘We Need Jesus’ and that He Wants Him to Come Back, Talks Scripture with Aaron Rodgers

Joe Rogan, host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, and Aaron Rodgers, current quarterback for the New York Jets, shared a very vibrant conversation on an episode last week. They covered a lot of ground.

This included the need for Jesus to return to the earth. Rogan identified the lack of order that secular society has imposed on humanity as being a big part of the spiral we are in today.

He expressed how humanity requires guidelines to thrive. Christianity provides these needed guidelines, unlike woke ideology and ego-centric thinking.

The podcast can be seen here. The conversation starts about the 2:10:45 mark.

Rogan is very astute. He is also pragmatic and humble. He doesn’t pretend to be anything he isn’t. Nor does he apologize for his opnions. Pure observation and clear deduction lead him to believe we need Jesus right now, and many agree.

“Like if he came back now, it would be great,” Rogan said. “Jesus, if you’re thinking about coming back, now’s a good time. Now’s a good time. We are kinda f***.”

Rogan explained how people can be easily led by evil forces and forms when they don’t have the divine spirit to guide them. He highlighted how human beings can sink to depravity when left to their own devices, pointing to the broken moral compasses of some soldiers who participate in the bloodshed and inhumanity of war, then fail to successfully reintegrate back into society.

We do need Jesus, of course, not just to soothe the veterans but to heal the moral decay ravaging society. Bloated intellect is only making our problems worse.

Just look at the inflated egos of so many in our government, then gather where we are as a nation. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci are all exceedingly clever. But are they helping?

Power, greed, and control undoubtedly stand in the way of a real solution. There is nothing that humanity will create without Jesus that can solve the core issue, simply because it is his absence that actually is the core issue.

Rodgers suggested that many believe that Jesus is coming back imminently. The comment left Rogan to suggest that this might actually be the reason for the frenzy experienced across the world today – the plunge into darkness and uncertainty being a means to get people to wake up to our need for Jesus in our lives.

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword,” Matthew 10:34 (KJV).

As Rogan pointed out, it wouldn’t be the first time God allowed our world to fall into darkness to prove his point.

And God is always providing guidance for the lost. Moses received the Ten Commandments for Israel wandering after its escape from bondage in Egypt.

It is a topic Rogan brought up in the discussion, citing hope of the positive outcome of all other times. God wasn’t snuffing us out, per se, simply telling us to straighten up, in Rogan’s opinion.

Rodgers agreed. He added that he wasn’t content to think that our time on the earth didn’t come without a larger purpose.

Admittedly, neither man claims to be Christian. But nor is either sucked into such a short-sighted, small-minded worldview as to accept answers without questioning them for themselves first. They aren’t indoctrinated or woke.

It is the reason so many leftist and establishment media hate Joe Rogan. He thinks for himself. And right now, he thinks that the world needs Jesus … ahead of the 2024 election, too.

As many Christians believe that the Bible is as much a recipe for the future as it is a historical accounting, we now see how well — and how badly — we do without it.

Time to bring it back while, at the same time, inviting Jesus through the door, too.

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