Trump and Putin Are the Terror of Davos Globalists: Russian Media

Winds of peace are blowing around the world, as the possibility of a rekindling of foreign relations between Earth’s two major nuclear superpowers is getting less incredible by the day.

The Tucker Carlson interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin has generated a wave of interest in America on the bilateral relations, and further revealed a stark difference in cognitive sharpness between Putin and ‘Crooked Joe Biden’.

And in Russia, a surprising wave of appreciation also arose, with common citizens praising Tucker for his courageous journalism.

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Philosopher Alexander Dugin also praised Tucker, Musk, Abbot and called for the election of Donald Trump, emphasizing the shared values of conservative Russians and Americans.

And the ripples are still expanding, with Russian media talking about Putin and Trump as the two menaces to the WEF Globalists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, is ‘anathema to Davos globalists’. That’s what Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel told Russian news outlet Sputnik, stressing that ‘the timing of Putin-Carlson interview was perfect’, because it occurred in the start of the primary season, ‘so that voters got a fair chance to see the interaction for themselves’.

Sputnik reported:

“‘I also think the contrast between Putin’s measured and thoughtful perspectives, having been a world leader for a quarter century with the lack of gravitas — to put it politely of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and many others in both parties who are surface-level, donor-captured, soundbite specialists was stunning. This contrast was remarkable considering Biden’s post-interview meltdown before what remains of the press’, Ortel continued.”

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin has attracted almost 200 million views on X but the number in all platorms may be closer to 1 billion, according to Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of RT and Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik’s parent media group.

“I asked my colleagues to count. It’s difficult and challenging because we need to consider all languages, all sources where it was published, all views on all these sources. I assure you that this figure is around a billion. There has never been such an interview in the history of journalism.”

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton went to American media to call Tucker a ‘useful idiot’, which prompted a strong reaction by Charles Ortel:

“‘Hillary Clinton’s star set long ago while Tucker Carlson is, today, one of the most followed and fair-minded voices on earth’, Ortel said, commenting on Clinton’s rant.

‘Certainly, the Clinton family has much to fear as 5 November 2024 looms. For a generation, globalists have protected and promoted power couples like the Clintons, especially media barons. With the rise of X and evident chronic failures of unchecked globalist schemes, many malefactors including the Clintons have much to fear as Trump surges towards potential re-election and then a necessary retribution and restoration of law and order under our Constitution’, the investigative journalist pointed out.”

Meanwhile Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin remain the two biggest stumbling blocks in the way of the Globalist caste.

“‘Putin, like Trump, is anathema to Davos globalists, but I think he warmed the hearts of silent patriots in many nations who deeply distrust unregulated, global bureaucracies that seem mostly to protect corrupt billionaires, some of whom promoting manifestly crazy policies’, the Wall Street analyst said.”

Ortel thinks – as do I – that the American heartland and the Russian people share much in common, and might benefit greatly from better relations.

“‘Perhaps one simple answer explains much – American and British defense contractors need an enemy to promote arms sales and Russia is their preferred designee. Remember, defense contractors are among the most important contributors directly and indirectly to politicians’, Ortel said. ‘Overall, one consequence of the interview is that Putin came across as a thoughtful and reasonable defender of Russian interests who, in my opinion, may have been too patient with US-UK aggression since 1992’.

[…] ‘On major issues particularly in math, science and engineering, I believe the best Russian and American minds might make major breakthroughs. In the near future too, I hope our people may connect directly, bypassing the corrupt vested interests here in America’, Ortel concluded.”

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