Leftist Italian Judge Declares Sending Illegal Migrants Back to Libya is a Crime in Blow to PM Meloni

A judge in Italy has ruled that it is a crime for Italians to send illegal immigrants back to Libya, where their journey initially began.

According to the Italian newspaper la Repubblica, the landmark decision is based on the fact that Libya, which has been in a permanent state of conflict since the Western invasion back in 2011, is not considered a safe destination for the migrants to be sent, a violation of the laws of the globalist European Court of Human Rights.

The ruling, which came from Italy’s highest court, means that those who send migrants back will be considered guilty of the “abandonment of minors or incapable persons in a state of danger” as well as the “arbitrary disembarkation and abandonment of persons.”

The case centered around the commander of the Asso28 support vessel, who back in 2018, took the sensible decision to return 101 migrants to Libya after rescuing them from precarious sea conditions in which they likely would have died.

Such a predictable decision will likely come as a blow to Italy’s anti-globalist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who was elected to power back in 2022 on a conservative platform with a principal objective of stopping illegal immigration.

However, many of her supporters across Europe have been left disappointed by her leadership, given that thousands of migrants continue to arrive every week before being shipped to their preferred destination.

La Repubblica notes that the court’s decision could “call into question the validity of the Italy-Libya agreements,” which Meloni has repeatedly tried to implement before being stifled by treasonous elements within the Italian state.

However, the ruling should hopefully not impact Meloni’s plan to send migrants straight to Albania for processing rather than on Italian shores.

Just last month, The Gateway Pundit reported how the plan had passed through the Italian parliament before officially being signed into law.

In December, Meloni conceded that she had failed in her efforts to stop illegal immigration, telling supporters at a conference in Rome that it was the “the most complex phenomenon I’ve ever had to deal with.”

“I know well that on migration the results are not the ones expected,” Meloni admitted. “But I’m not interested in short-cuts that pretend to solve the problem for a while.”

However, the Italian leader reminded supporters that the way to solve the country’s demographic crisis is by having more children rather than importing millions of African migrants.

“While the left thinks the problem can be solved through migration, we want to solve it by helping Italian families above all to have more children,” she said. “Children are the hope of any society.”

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