New Book Claims Biden Doesn’t Think He Did Anything Wrong in Botched Withdrawal From Afghanistan

A new book claims that behind closed doors, Biden doesn’t think he did anything wrong in his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, that left 13 service members dead and saw Afghans clinging to the wheel wells of departing American airplanes.

This is an excellent reminder of just how detached from reality Biden is right now. His poll numbers cratered after the withdrawal and have never recovered.

Americans across the country were horrified by how the withdrawal was handled and outraged by the deaths and the amount of equipment that was left behind in the process.

FOX News reports:

Biden privately defiant that he didn’t botch Afghanistan withdrawal: book

Behind closed doors, President Biden strongly believes that he made the right decisions on the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal that led in part to the deaths of 13 American soldiers, according to an upcoming book.

An excerpt from “The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore Foreign Policy After Trump,” obtained by Axios, suggests that Biden remains defiant that the history books will look favorably on his decision to leave Afghanistan after American troops spent 20 years fighting the nation’s longest war.

Following the withdrawal, “no one offered to resign, in large part because the president didn’t believe anyone had made a mistake. Ending the war was always going to be messy,” author Alexander Ward writes.

Biden allegedly told his top aides, including White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan, that they had done their best given the situation and vowed to stand by them.

“There wasn’t even a real possibility of a shake-up,” a White House official told Ward.

The author claims that Biden knew he was making promises to get people out of Afghanistan that he could not keep as confusion and chaos unfolded at the Kabul airport.

You can see the exact moment the withdrawal unfolded in Biden’s approval polls.

Biden’s approval rating crashed in August of 2021 as a result of the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle and hasn’t recovered:

— Kevin Madden (@KevinMaddenDC) February 16, 2024

Is there any wonder why the armed forces are struggling to recruit new members?

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