WATCH: Moment Two Minor Teens Get Into Heated Exchange Before Shooting Up Kansas City Chiefs Parade

The moment before the shooting occurred at the Kansas City Chiefs’ parade last week. One person was killed and several were injured.
This story disappeared quickly.

Two minor teens were arrested and charged last week in connection with a fatal shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

BREAKING: Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting: Police order crowds away from Union Station after multiple shots ring out while Super Bowl champs celebrate win

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) February 14, 2024

“Two juveniles were charged on Thursday, February 15, 2024, by the Office of the Juvenile Officer related to the incident at the Chiefs’ rally on February 14, 2024,” the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri said on Friday.

One woman was killed and 22 others were injured. At least 11 children were injured.

TMZ obtained video of the two minor teens who got into a heated exchange before shooting up the Kansas City Chiefs parade.

Video via TMZ:

Heroic men tackled one of the shooters.

TMZ reported:

New video from the Kansas City shooting appears to show the exact moments before shots started to ring out — and as the cops have indicated, there are teenagers in the mix here.

TMZ has obtained footage that depicts the KC rally Wednesday at 1:48 PM CT — right around the time the first reports of a shooting came in — and eyewitnesses tell us that the young guys you see in the background got into a heated exchange with someone off camera.

There are a few key players to focus on — a teen in red, who you can see get angry and throw his bag down as he argues with someone who’s not in clear view. There’s also another teen in all black with a satchel-like bag hanging from his side, who walks toward the action.

These 2, in particular, were recorded walking away from the shooting just moments later — also seen in the footage we got — and the young man in black looks to have been shot.

We’re told by eyewitnesses who saw this that he appeared to have been shot in the face. If you look closely, his buddy in red is trailing close behind him as they beelined it outta there.

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