BREAKING: Israel Launches Airstrikes Against Targets in Lebanon (VIDEOS)

In a move that’s likely to further escalate the ongoing military conflict in the Middle East, Israel has launched airstrikes against targets in Southern Lebanon.

Times of Israel reported:

“Lebanese media report Israeli airstrikes in the town of Ghaziyeh, on the southern outskirts of Sidon, some 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the northern border.

Footage posted to social media shows large fireballs and clouds of smoke from the targeted sites.

There is no immediate comment from the IDF.”

From a Lebanese X account: ‘The first raid was near Al-Reem Company’s warehouse, and the second raid was near Al-Shahouri Mosque, Al-Regie area, in the Al-Ghaziyeh area, south of Sidon’.

الغاره الأولى قرب مستودع شركة الريم والغارة الثانية قرب جامع الشحوري منطقة الريجي، في منطقة الغازية جنوب مدينة صيدا

— مصدر مسؤول (@fouadkhreiss) February 19, 2024

Arab News reported:

“At least two Israeli air strikes hit southern Lebanon on Monday near the coastal city of Sidon, state media and an AFP photographer said.

[…] ‘Israeli warplanes carried out… strikes on the town of Ghaziyeh’, the state-run National News Agency (NNA) said Monday, adding that a vehicle was targeted and ambulances rushed to the scene, without providing further details.”

This is not the usual ‘near-the-border’ strike. Ghaziyeh is around 20 miles from the nearest Israeli frontier and less than five kilometers from the city of Sidon.

One of the strikes appeared to have targeted a hangar close to the main coastal highway.

BREAKING: Israel strikes south Lebanon.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 19, 2024

“Video circulating on social media showed large plumes of smoke arising from at least two strikes.

The Israeli military last week said it killed a Hezbollah commander, his deputy and another fighter in a strike in the south Lebanon city of Nabatiyeh.”

Israeli airstrike in the Sidon area, located in Lebanon. The area is considerably farther north than where the usual fighting has taken place.

— Joe Truzman (@JoeTruzman) February 19, 2024

This is a developing story. Check back later for more develpments.




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