DUTCH CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Eritrean Migrant Gangs Cause Major Riot, Burn Police Cars – Geert Wilders: ‘I’ll Become the Prime Minister Who Finally Puts Things in Order’

Unchecked mass migration is the scourge of all Western developed nations, and the Netherlands is by no means an exception.

While the political elite is paralyzed, negotiating for months the formation of the new cabinet expected to be led by Geert Wilders, the country is still bound to the same failed Globalist policies imposed by Brussels bureaucracy.

While the migrants cause a whole host of problems for the Dutch economy and cohesion of its social fabric, in some aspects, the security problem is becoming the worst of them.

The rioting that broke out between two rival groups of Eritreans in the Netherlands a couple of days ago is a perfect example.

Police officers had to resort to tear gas to tackle the unrest in The Hague. Migrants torched police cars and a bus.

ABC News reported:

“Images from the scene showed vehicles in flames and dozens of men in the street, some throwing rocks.

‘It got seriously out of hand’, The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said.

Middel said a group loyal to Eritrea’s government was holding a meeting when the venue was attacked by Eritreans who oppose the African nation’s government.”

This violence at Eritrean events is becoming frequent in Europe.

Dozens of people, including 26 police officers, were injured in the southwestern German city of Stuttgart last September, and in December, it was London’s turn, as you can read on TGP report London: Four Police Officers Injured by Rioting Migrants from Eritrea (Video).

A fight between Eritrean government supporters and opponents also took place in Tel Aviv, leading to violent street confrontations among African asylum-seekers and migrants.

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And, of course, the US could not stay out of the trouble, as an Eritrean festival also turned into the obligatory riot in North Carolina.

Fox News: “The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department said eight people were arrested Saturday during a 10-hour ‘protest and standoff’ that stemmed from an Eritrean “cultural event.

Clashes erupted between rival groups of Eritreans, and police confirmed that officers trying to disperse the unlawful crowds were attacked by people wielding sticks, rocks and other items.”

Again on ABC news:

Tens of thousands of people have fled Eritrea for Europe, many alleging they were mistreated by the repressive government of President Isaias Afwerki. The conflicts underscore deep divisions among members of the Eritrean diaspora between those who remain close to the government and those who have fled to live in exile and strongly oppose Isaias.”

The First assessment is that six police officers were injured, and more than a dozen people arrested in rioting in The Hague.

Dutch News reported:

“’Our colleagues were confronted with very serious violence which erupted out of nothing’, local police chief Mariëlle van Vulpen said told broadcaster NOS. ‘This is unacceptable’.

[…] Some carried sticks, others threw paving stones and set cars and a coach on fire, Nu.nl reported. Eyewitnesses said the area was like a battleground. One woman told Nu.nl that the rioters had been filling bottles with petrol at a nearby petrol station to make Molotov cocktails.

The windows of several houses were broken and concrete flower pots were smashed. The road was strewn with broken glass and stones.”

Tensions in the community are well-known, and security was upgraded for the event, where between 500 and 600 migrants attended.

Geert Wilders, now ‘the leader of the largest party in the Netherlands,’ responded to the riots in The Hague:

Express reported:

“‘Why is half the world allowed in here to tear down our country, fight mutual feuds, throw stones at police officers and set their cars on fire? I want to become the prime minister who finally puts things in order’.

[…] Wilders is currently in negotiations with other parties to form the next Dutch government. The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) won on a anti-immigration, anti-EU ticket, but is struggling to find junior partners to help him run the country.”

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