BEDLAM ON THE COURT: All-Out Fight Breaks Out at End of College Basketball Game in Texas – “Young Girl” Reportedly Struck During the Chaos (VIDEO)

Credit: @ESPN screenshot

An insane scene unfolded at the end of a hotly-contested college basketball game between Texas A&M Commerce and Incarnate Word Monday night that also involved an innocent female spectator.

As ESPN reported, multiple players from both squads started throwing punches at one another during the handshake line following the game’s conclusion. In overtime, Texas A&M Commerce defeated Incarnate Word, a private Catholic University in San Antonio, 76-72.

It’s unclear at this point what sparked the fight, which lasted approximately two minutes as the coaching staff for both teams desperately tried to get control of their players.

Footage from the incident shows a handful of Incarnate Word players slowly walking to the locker room before racing back to the bench area where the fight begins. Punches then start flying as the two teams brawl near the bench area.

The melee then spills out onto the center of the court.

“This is not what you want to see after it’s been a great game,” said the male announcer. “We’ve got everything going on right now.”


A second scuffle then starts away from the central fight. Players from both teams dart over to assist their respective teammates.

During the second part of the brawl, the female announcer notices that the melee was spilling into the stands and that a “young girl” in the crowd was injured during the chaos.

Coaches eventually gained control and got their teams into their respective locker rooms.

Incarnate Word and A&M-Commerce issued a joint statement late Monday night apologizing “for the behavior exhibited by our respective men’s basketball programs.”

There is no place in college sports for such actions. The unsportsmanlike conduct that occurred after the game does not reflect the values of the universities involved, as well as the Southland Conference and their member institutions.

The matter is currently being reviewed collectively by the Conference office and both institutions, as the safety of our student-athletes, staff, and fans is our primary concern.

The Southland Conference also addressed the brawl in a brief statement and said they would “issue appropriate disciplinary action.”

We will be working closely with both universities to review the footage and issue appropriate disciplinary action. Unsportsmanlike behavior is unacceptable in the Southland Conference, and the safety of our student-athletes, spectators, and officials remains a top priority.

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