Elon Musk Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Defending Free Speech

Elon Musk has been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize for being a stanch defender of free speech.

Musk has gone on the record, saying that this was one of the main reasons he bought Twitter/X in the first place and speech on the platform has definitely flowed more freely since he took over.

Musk has certainly done more for humanity than Obama ever did when he received a Nobel prize.

The New York Post reports:

Elon Musk nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for being ‘stout proponent of free speech’

Billionaire Elon Musk — whose businesses range from satellites to social media — was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by a Norwegian lawmaker who praised the X owner as a “stout proponent for free speech.”

Marius Nilsen, a Norwegian member of parliament who is a member of the libertarian Progress Party, said he put forward Musk’s name due to his “adamant defense of dialogue, free speech and [enabling] the possibility to express one’s views” in a “continuously more polarized world.”

Nilsen also praised Musk for providing Starlink satellite internet connectivity to Ukrainian soldiers who were in dire straits following the launch of the Russian invasion of their country two years ago.

“The multitude of tech companies Musk has founded, owns or runs, aimed at bettering societies, increasing knowledge of both earth and space, in addition to enabling communication and connectivity globally… has helped make the world a more connected and safer place,” Nilsen said.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which decides the winner of the award from a list of several hundred nominations ever year, accepts nominations from government officials as well as people in academia.

Musk is a good choice for this.

Yes, the Nobel Prize for Elon Musk.

Simply put, Elon Musk—a figure synonymous with groundbreaking innovations and transformative technologies—has driven a transformative impact on multiple fronts, meriting serious consideration for the Nobel Prize.

Musk’s ventures, spanning… pic.twitter.com/qQUsZmQtul

— John Nosta (@JohnNosta) February 20, 2024

Musk doesn’t get enough credit for the positive work he has done.

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