POWDER KEG AFRICA: Guinea Ruling Military Junta Dissolves Government, Closes All Borders

In the context of France’s declining influence on Africa and a growing Islamist threat, several countries are living in troubled times, with military coups and other ruptures in their democratic processes.

Guiana is one of these countries – and now junta leader Mamadi Doumbouya has dissolved the government that he had himself appointed, with no explanations.

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Reuters reported:

“Guinea’s self-appointed military leaders have dissolved the government and will appoint a new one, the presidency’s secretary general said in a filmed statement on Monday.

The West African country has been under military rule since a junta seized power in a September 2021 coup.”

Africa’s main economic and political bloc, ECOWAS, has been pressuring for the junta to hold elections and restore civilian rule. A 24-month transition timeline was agreed to in on October 2022.

“The presidency’s secretary general, Amara Camara, unexpectedly announced on Monday that the government had been dissolved.

Without providing a reason for the move, he said in a pre-recorded video posted on the presidency’s social media channels that directors of cabinet, secretary generals and their deputies would be in charge until a new government was formed.”

Associated Press reported:

“Ibrahima Sory Bangoura, chief of staff of the armed forces, said Monday that members of the dissolved government had to return their vehicles and passports as soon as possible. Their bodyguards also had to end their service and the ministers’ bank accounts were frozen, he added.

Col. Mamadi Doumbouya, who leads the country, overran the president three years ago, saying he was preventing Guinea from slipping into chaos and chastised the previous government for broken promises.”

Since coming to power, Doumbouya has been criticized for being no better than his predecessor.

BBC reported:

“The junta also instructed security agencies to ‘seal’ all the country’s borders until government ministries have been fully handed over to the junta.”

Lower-level officials are temporarily managing state ministries until a new government is appointed.

“The dissolved government was led by Bernard Goumou, who had been appointed prime minister by coup leader Mamady Doumbouya.”

Guinea and other African countries – such as Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Gabon – have been hit by coups in recent years.

“Guinea is expected to hold elections to restore democratic rule in 10 months, when the 24-month transition period set by the junta and Ecowas expires.”

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