The Gateway Pundit Reporter and Fearless America First Fighter Cara Castronuova Needs Your Help to Get on The Ballot for US Senate in NY GOP Primary – CONTACT NEW YORK REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN HERE

Cara Castronuova is currently fighting for the GOP Nomination in New York to become the next US Senator, and this Thursday is a critical deadline to garner support from Republican Party chairmen from the 62 New York State counties.

Cara needs support from at least 25% of the county chairmen to make it on the GOP primary ballot.

Castronuova is a born fighter. She is a 2-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and was head trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Cara was a spokeswoman for Puma and Everlast Boxing and spent her early career as a celebrity fitness trainer.

As a natural fighter, Castronouva has dedicated herself to getting justice for those wrongfully convicted over January 6 and has long fought against medical tyranny. She did this, in part, by founding “Liberate New York” and “Citizens Against Political Persecution.”


WAKE UP CALL: @CaraCastronuova @nypost “She’s an unapologetic booster of President Trump.
“I’m an `America First” person. I believe Trump had great policies and he was a great President.
Castronuova said.
“I’m not wishy-washy. Trump is the leader of our party.”
Medical Freedom…

— WiseGuys (@JohnnyTabacco) February 20, 2024

Now, she is one of the top reporters for The Gateway Pundit and Newsmax, fighting to expose the wrongdoings, abuse and political persecution against victims of the Biden Regime’s January 6 witchhunt on innocent Americans.

When elected to the US Senate, Cara will continue her fight for American Patriots, border security, and keeping men out of women’s sports, among other issues plaguing our once-great country.

As reported yesterday by Cassandra Mcdonald of The Gateway Pundit, The Richmond County Republican Party in Staten Island has endorsed Cara Castronuova for the United States Senate.

Staten Island Republican Party Endorses The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova for US Senate!

Cara is also endorsed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone, who said, “The NY Republican Party needs to start picking winners. We need a clear-cut AMERICA FIRST champion like @CaraCastronuova for US Senate. She’s a fearless journalist, a champion fighter, America First & fully supports President Trump.”

New York State Senator and Deputy Minority Leader Andrew Lanza, who endorsed Cara first, said, “Cara Castronuova’s bid for the US Senate exemplifies the spirit of America. She has the experience, determination, and backbone to fight for the people of New York. With her diverse background as an athlete, journalist, and activist, she brings a unique perspective to the table, one rooted in the values of integrity and service. Cara is the best US Senate candidate for New York Republicans to support going into the critical 2024 election. She is the champion we need right now in DC.”

On Thursday, Republicans from all 62 New York counties will gather to vote on a candidate to run against Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Patriots across America can call Albany Headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and ask the New York State GOP Chairman to consider Cara Castronuova.

Donate to Castronuova’s Senate campaign here!

In her fight to get on the ballot in New York, Cara faces off against Retired New York City Detective Mike Sapraicone and businessman Mike Eisen.

While serving with the 114th Precinct Detective Squad, Sapraicone faced at least four complaints alleging unlawful use of force and abuse of authority, and he was accused of suppressing evidence and fabricating a confession in one case where the judge found that the Defendant’s Brady Rights were violated. This resulted in a $3,300,000 Settlement paid out to Robert Majors, who was convicted of armed robbery and wrongfully incarcerated for 21 years.

This is exactly the sort of injustice Cara has devoted herself to fighting against for the past three years with the January 6 Defendants.

Sapraicone has also been sued multiple times for alleged wage violations at his private security firm.

Squad Security operates in ten states and Canada, and is a “a full service security, investigations and protection company” that has served Fortune 500 corporations including Apple, according to its website. The company is currently settling a 2022 class-action lawsuit which alleged that Squad Security failed to pay wages, provide lawful meal and rest periods and reimburse employees. Two similar lawsuits brought by two California employees were combined into one for settlement purposes. In June Sapraicone signed a declaration in support of preliminary approval of the settlement which awards $575,000 in total to the two plaintiffs and up to 100 John Does.

The proposed settlement states that the defendant “strongly denies violating any laws or failing to pay any wages” and that “defendant is settling this matter to avoid further litigation expenses and disruption to its business.”

Squad Security, headquartered in Uniondale, New York, received a PPP loan for $1.3 million in April 2020. The loan has been forgiven in full.

The current lawsuit is not the only class-action lawsuit that Sapraicone’s firm has settled. In 2017, Nathan Tapper and another Squad Security employee brought a similar suit against the security company.

That lawsuit, settled in 2018, awarded Tapper and other employees an average of $1,579, while the biggest payout was $26,832. The amount varied depending on how many overtime hours the guards and off-duty officers worked.

Regardless of the merit of these allegations, this will not play well against the radical Democrats or with swing voters and Democrat voters.

Mike Eisen has reportedly “harassed legal opponents and their families over email, and has a documented use of racial slurs, according to lawsuits involving his companies.”

City and State New York reports:

Between 2014 and 2017, Eisen was sanctioned by judges on two separate occasions for harassing his legal opponents and their family members, their lawyers and their lawyers’ family members, and once fined $20,000 by the court. Court filings from those cases also provide documented evidence of Eisen repeatedly using the n-word in emails, describing the sexual appetite and anatomy of an opposing lawyer’s daughter, and telling a legal opponent’s wife in an email that she would “bathe in the warm semen of Mengele,” a reference to the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Eisen was also arrested and charged with stalking in Manhattan for allegedly threatening a business partner’s family, but his campaign said that charge was dismissed and Eisen’s record expunged.

In a phone call with City & State Tuesday, Eisen admitted that “obviously I sent some emails,” but refused to delve into the specifics and said that “most” of the evidence submitted in court “is totally, unbelievably false.” Still, after City & State told him of plans to publish this story, Eisen said he will likely end his campaign, saying that “99% I’m out of the race.”

The judge in Manhattan Supreme Court found his messages so “disturbing and threatening” that the court granted his targets a temporary restraining order banning Eisen from contacting the defendants, their lawyers or their family members.

But Eisen appeared to amp up his aggressiveness when he was caught up in another lawsuit in 2016. Eisen’s business partner, Ivan Ciment, accused him of trying to force him out of SpanTran, the translation company they bought together. This case was eventually dropped, and in fact Ciment donated to Eisen’s campaign. But in the course of litigation, Eisen was arrested and charged by the Manhattan district attorney with stalking in the fourth degree for sending, as Ciment’s lawyer put it, “literally hundreds or thousands” of threatening emails to Ciment’s wife, and Ciment was granted a temporary restraining order preventing Eisen from contacting them while the case was ongoing.

This is definitely not a good look for Republicans in the Big Apple.

New York Young Republicans President Gavin Wax said on X, “Basically, they’re running a Democrat…again,” while also noting that Mike Sapraicone previously donated over $150k to Democrats, is anti-Second Amendment, and anti-Trump.

The GOP establishment in NY are rallying around @MikeSapraicone as their U.S. Senate candidate despite him being a major Democrat donor (gave $150k+ to Dems), anti-Second Amendment, & rabidly Never-Trump. So basically they’re running a Democrat…again.

— Count Gavin Mario Wax (@GavinWax) February 19, 2024

Are New York Republicans going to put up another loser and fake Republican candidate like Mazi Pilip, who snubbed Trump during her special election race for George Santos’ former seat and lost to Democrat Tom Suozzi last week?

If you live outside New York State, you can still call Albany Headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and ask the NY Chairman to consider Cara Castronuova.

Those who wish to donate to Castronuova’s campaign can do so here.

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