GRIFTING? City of Chicago Now Suing Oil Companies Over ‘Climate Change’

The city of Chicago is now suing oil companies over climate change.

A cynical person might see this as nothing more than a cash-strapped city going after what it sees as a deep pocketed target in order to get large sums of money it needs in order to keep the city afloat.

Chicago’s financial problems were well known long before the city became a destination for illegal border crossers.

The Hill reports:

Chicago sues oil companies for impacts of climate change

The city of Chicago sued six major oil companies and the primary fossil fuel lobbying group Tuesday, alleging they funded and planned a campaign of climate change denial that directly affects the city’s residents.

In the lawsuit, the city accused BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Phillips 66, Shell, and the American Petroleum Institute (API) of misleading the public about the impact of their products and of contributing to the effects of climate change on Chicago.

These impacts include unsafe summer temperatures, an increase in extreme weather, shoreline erosion and susceptibility to disasters such as flash flooding in basements on the city’s West Side, according to the lawsuit. As a result, the city says, climate mitigation and response projects in low-income communities have cost it nearly $200 million.

The complaint also singles out the API for accusations it created front groups “to promote climate disinformation and advocacy from a purportedly objective source.” The accusation echoes remarks made by Exxon Mobil lobbyist Keith McCoy to an activist in 2021 while being covertly recorded that the company “aggressively [fought] against some of the science” on climate. Exxon has disclaimed responsibility for McCoy’s comments and said they do not represent the view of the company.

Doesn’t it get a little cold in Chicago in the winter?

Chicago has sued oil companies for “causing” climate change.

A law firm funded by left-wing nonprofits is representing the city.

How many Chicagoans could have survived this winter without fossil fuels?

— Daniel Turner (@DanielTurnerPTF) February 21, 2024

Chicago sues Big Oil in Cook County over climate — the perfect venue for the global warming hoax.

My advice to Big Oil is to stop selling oil and gas in Cook County and watch how fast the lawsuit is dismissed.

— Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) February 20, 2024

Chicago has much bigger problems to solve than climate change.

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