MISSING: J6 Political Hostages Ryan Samsel And Jake Lang Moved In the Middle Of The Night From The Hole In DC Gulag To Undisclosed Location

The US Marshals transferred J6 political prisoners Ryan Samsel and Jake Lang from the DC Gulag predawn Tuesday morning to an undisclosed location, and no one knows where they are.

Jail guards forced Samsel and Lang to adhere to a temperature check around 7 pm on Monday, a typical indication that within hours, any semblance of normalcy would be torpedoed, and they would be mysteriously transferred to another jail in another state.

At approximately 4 am on Tuesday, Samsel and Lang were chained and shackled in black box cuffs and thrown on a bus and were provided no information about where they would be taken.

The two high-profile January 6 defendants could be transferred to any jail across the United States or even housed in a maximum security prison at the BOP’s discretion.

Samsel was in a battle with his attorney, Stanley Woodward, for weeks leading up to the transfer, begging for his lawyer to file a complaint that would allow Judge Jia Cobb to grant him life-saving surgery for a blood clot condition.

“They really are trying to kill me,” Samsel told TGP moments before he was shackled and dragged away.

At his Feb. 2 verdict hearing, Samsel approached the bench to speak to the judge after Woodward disregarded Samsel’s critical medical condition for months and throughout the proceeding.

Samsel told Judge Cobb that he only received blood thinners for the first time after three years of pretrial detention following the TGP‘s reports about his inability to walk while suffering from a blood clot in his leg.

“As soon as I was recommended outside [medical] treatment, I get [transferred.] This is what always happens. Every single time I am referred to outside treatment, I get [transferred.] Stopping my meds will make me extremely sick.”

Samsel has been brutally assaulted, even tortured, each time he has been transferred, but now on blood thinners, an open wound could cause him to profusely bleed out and take his life.

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For months, Samsel and Lang have been housed on the same cell block in solitary confinement in the basement of the Washington DC Correctional Treatment known as “the Hole.”

While incarcerated, Lang, a self-described serial entrepreneur, hosts a podcast on TGP, created the Blessed News TV, and has raised tens of thousands of dollars to assist January 6 defendants with acquiring adequate legal representation through his organization SponsorJ6.com.

Sponsor J6, an endeavor supported by small donations from the American public, has also recruited a team of attorneys and experts, including this reporter, to provide analysis of the thousands of hours of January 6 footage and crafting lawsuits to combat the DOJ’s political persecution of J6 protesters.

Lang’s organization is also sponsoring a booth at CPAC that kicked off Wednesday morning, where his team of investigators is meeting families of J6 defendants across the country to demand answers from their representatives.

Samsel and Lang unapologetically and frequently call attention to the DOJ’s malfeasance surrounding January 6 while held without bond in pretrial detention, stripped of due process legally afforded by the 6th Amendment.

It is unclear whether the move is retaliation by the government for speaking out or what prompted their sudden transfer.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, which allows users to track an inmate’s location, Samsel is “not in BOP custody.”

According to the website, Lang was released from BOP custody on May 5, 2023.

Lang’s attorney, Steven Metcalf, called this reporter on Tuesday night, perplexed in angst, after spending the entire day searching for his client’s location, to inquire whether anyone has an update on where either of the political prisoners has been transferred.

“I don’t know where Jake is after he was transferred,” Metcalf told TGP in an exclusive interview. “The message I got was he was taken out of his cell at 5 am this morning. I called every person — US Marshall Supervisor Brown, the DC Jail Warden Secretary, the general counsel for DC Jail — I got zero answers and it’s 8 pm tonight.

“I understand safety concerns, but we are talking 14 hours later. As Jake’s attorney, should have some sort of response or understanding as to where he has been transferred. Safety concerns and someone getting transferred ins normal. The 14 hours is what bothers me. It is not a coincidence that these two January 6 defendants — Jake as a pre-trial detainee at this time is being transferred at the same time that Ryan is being transferred. I think there’s more to this story that I’m not getting answers on.”

Criminal defense attorney Steven Metcalf represents J6 political prisoner Jake Lang.

Metcalf not only fears for these defendants’ safety amid the perilous journey to another correctional facility, but the constant unwarranted transfers deprive both he and his client of crafting an adequate defense for trial.

Also, what bothers me is they were asked to get his temperature checked last night. There was obviously a plan to transfer Jake and Ryan — and what bothers me is I don’t understand the reason for the transfer of these two,” Metcalf continued. “I am trying to develop a case with Jake, and every time we can do something, it gets torpedoed. Every single time that I get into a comfortable situation, and Jake gets comfortable, he gets moved, and his legal documents get confiscated. I have to constantly start at ground zero.

“This is a vital time where he should be assisting his defense. Instead, what happens is he keeps getting moved around and losing all the information that I provided him, such as his hard drives, his computer, his computer charger, and printed-out legal documents.

“I don’t believe in coincidences, but it’s very coincidental that I just filed another bond application and supplemented that bond application with regards to his conditions in jail still, to this day. It’s a constant cat-and-mouse game, and it’s unacceptable.

Neither Lang nor Samsel should have ever been held in pretrial detention for the crimes they committed during the Capitol riot, Metcalf contends.

“For three years, Jake has managed to rise above getting tortured,” he said. “But I am always concerned about his safety under these circumstances.   If he’s incarcerated with people who are not J6ers,  then the guards alert other inmates that he’s a January 6 detainee, and they try to get them to retaliate in a certain way based on politics.”

“If he’s with January 6 detainees, that environment has also become toxic as well. So, I’m constantly in fear for Jake because I don’t know what’s gonna happen. And after 15 transfers, it’s also like, you know, nothing can faze me. There’s always an issue, and it’s always unnecessary. So, the appropriate response from the government would be to let this guy out on a pretrial bond so he can prepare for his defense and go from there — because this is getting to a point where it’s just ridiculous. These sudden transfers jeopardize their safety and make it impossible to obtain his legal file. This is all becoming a very big issue obstructing preparation of his defense.”

Metcalf continues to work around the clock to get to the bottom of what prompted the unnecessary transfer and identify his client’s location.

TGP tried reaching Samsel’s attorney multiple times over the months regarding Samsel’s medical deprivation, and repeatedly on Tuesday, for comment surrounding why he did not attempt to stop his client’s transfer as Samsel requested.

Woodward has yet to return TGP’s request for comment at the time of this publication.

“I am held in the hole still. Every time I get to see a doctor, they refer me to a special outside doctor, then I get transferred. My lawyer, Mr. Stanely Woodward, is hiding this from the judge,” Samsel continued before he went missing for 2 days at the time of this publication.

“I continue to struggle day to day, not for self-glory but for truth. I have found through this journey who is true to me and not as I was convicted of false crimes because people who I declared to be my friends decided to provide the FBI statements. They sat with the FBI for a few hours and decided to help convict me,” he continued. 

“This is my 19th jail and the 23rd transfer. This is why I don’t get medical. We have filed medical complaints with the judge in the past, and she sent me to Jefferson [hospital]. At Jefferson, I was again recommended surgery. We even had the doctor

There are few men and women out there willing to stand for the truth. I had many people accuse me of lies, but truth is always brought to light. For those of you who say one thing and do another, learn to stand for something and be still. Don’t change like the wind, but rather be a rock that people break themselves against.”

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Neither defendant has accepted a plea deal despite constant coercion from the government with an ultimatum they would be released if they cooperate.

Both Samsel and Lang helped save other protesters’ lives during the Capitol riot as police shot and brutally beat demonstrators.

J6 investigator Tommy Tatum and J6 defendant Phillip Anderson attest if not for Lang dragging their bodies to safety while they were on the ground getting beaten by cops and trampled by crammed protesters.

Samsel rendered Joshua Black aid after police fired a bullet through Black’s left cheek. Police then attempted to arrest Black after he was shot, and Samsel pleaded with the cops to, “Leave him alone.” For intervening when cops attempted to arrest Black on Jan. 6, Samsel was convicted of a felony count of assault on an officer.

**Please help support J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s legal battle for life-saving surgery here.***

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