WATCH: Mike Benz Explains the Dirty Tricks the Deep State is Using by Framing Trump as a ‘Threat to Democracy’ (VIDEO)

Mike Benz recently did an interview with Tucker Carlson where he did a deep dive into the history of the Deep State and how it affected the 2020 election.

Now he has put out a new video where he explains how the Deep State is being used against Trump in 2024.

It’s disturbing how extensive this network is and how much power they wield.

He starts out with a history of the CIA and how they interfered in elections, then brings that into the context of today.

Real Clear Politics posted a transcript. This is the key part:

Now we saw this happen in 2020. For example, the Transition Integrity Project, which was this, you know, 65-person, hugely influential group of people. This included Donna Brazile, the former head of the DNC, Michael Steele, the former head of the RNC. So the two most recent heads of both major political parties, as well as about 60-some officials from the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Intelligence community, and then other cluster networks around everything from journalism to champions of industry.

And they had a role-play simulation about how to overturn the 2020 election. This is in June 2020, five months before the election happened, about how they could overturn the election if Trump won to save democracy and make sure that he would not be able to have a second term.

This is, they had simulation three. I’ve posted this a million times, but I’ll put it in the thread below. They did four simulations. In simulation number three, John Podesta personally played a role-playing role of Joe Biden. John Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager and now runs the largest pot of money in the entire federal government, a $370 billion slush fund for energy projects, he personally role-played the role of Joe Biden.

And what did they do? It was in this role-play. It was dirty tricks.

The simulation went as follows: If Trump won a clear victory at the electoral college, but had lost the popular vote, they were going to mobilize Black Lives Matter street muscle. They wrote this, mobilize Black Lives Matter street muscle and use their anger to essentially become a pro-Biden, a narco tyranny force that would shut down the country as a color revolution does in Serbia or in Tunisia, or as the CIA organizes abroad.

Watch this entire video:

The Dirty Trick Behind The “Dictator” Framing

They are laying the predicate to set up a Transition Integrity Project 2.0 network, with informal backing from the national security state, to topple said “dictator” using “democracy promotion” regime change tricks.

— Mike Benz (@MikeBenzCyber) December 5, 2023

The left was ready to start a violent revolution to overturn the election in 2020 if Trump was declared the winner. They have falsely accused Trump of doing what they were actually planning to do and are even prosecuting him for it.

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