WATCH: Russia Says It Cleared Krynky Bridgehead in South Kherson Oblast – Ukraine Denies It

Back in November 2022, Russian troops, fearing that Ukraine defenders would flood the southern Kherson Oblast by blasting the Kakhovka Dam, retreated to the left (south) margin of the great river Dnieper, lest it’s troops would be caught between the flood and the attacking Ukrainian troops.

This moment of the war was lauded as a great victory for Kiev, but in time the decision of retreating was vindicated, as Ukrainians did indeed blast the dam and flood the valley – but by then Russian troops were mostly protected on the left bank.

The river marks have since become the boundary between the troops, until the Ukrainians, during the summer ’23 offensive, were able to cross the river and carve a small bridgehead on the left margin, in the village of Krynky.

Because Kiev could not build upon it and expand, the village had no strategic purpose and served as a mere badge of honor for Ukrainians, a promise of great things to come.

As the outgunned, outmanned and outmaneuvered Ukrainian defenders start to give in to the ever stronger Russian attackers, besides the conquest of Avdeevka and successes on the Donbas, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the securing of the Krynky bridgehead.

Sputnik reported:

“’All the clearance has been completed [in Krynky],” [Shoigu] said, adding that Ukraine had four marine corps brigades there.”

Russian flag allegedly flies over Krynky.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 21, 2024

But Kiev today (21) has denied that this would be true.

Bloomberg reported:

“Ukraine said its military continues to defend a narrow strip of land in Russian-occupied territory along the southern bend of the Dnipro River, after Russia’s defense minister told President Vladimir Putin it had been seized by his forces.”

Ukrainian troops, they insist, remain at their positions on the land.

“The Dnipro, which slices across eastern Ukraine, remains a major natural barrier between the two forces. After retaking Kherson, Ukrainian forces sought to establish a foothold on the opposite bank of the river as a potential springboard for a push into the occupied south of the country that so far hasn’t materialized.”

Reuters reported:

“A statement on Telegram by the Ukrainian military’s southern district said Russian forces had made no headway on the eastern bank and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s statement was ‘falsification of the facts’.”

WATCH: Bombardment by TOS-1A “Solntsepek” at Ukrainian positions in Krynky.

Bombardment by TOS-1A “Solntsepek” at Ukrainian positions in Krynky.

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 21, 2024

According to the Russians, the area in Krynky is being cleared. Some members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are still hiding in the basements, Shoigu said.

Slavyangrad reported:

“After the [Krynky] village was flooded due to the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, civilians were evacuated, and the village itself became a site of hostilities. There were no civilians there.

Putin noted in December that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for political purposes, are deploying elite units there ‘for extermination’ – so that the Kiev authorities can ‘travel and beg’ for money in the West.

In January, Ukrainian Armed Forces losses in the Krynki region began to reach two hundred people a week.”

Watch: Russian troops disrupted enemy rotation in Krynky

Russian troops disrupted enemy rotation in Krynky

— Paul Serran (@paul_serran) February 21, 2024

Context above: The operator of a reconnaissance drone recorded the movement of a group of Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers on the left bank of the Dnieper.

The coordinated work of reconnaissance and artillery, led to an operational blow against the Ukrainians.

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