BREAKING: RINO Anti-Trump Candidate Who Donated to Letitia James Wins Nomination for US Senate Race in New York State over The Gateway Pundit’s Cara Castronuova

Mike Sapraicone

New York Republicans screwed the pooch and delivered another terrible so-called GOP candidate for the 2024 US Senate Election in New York.

Mike Sapraicone won 84% of the New York Republican County Chair vote for Senate Nominee.

News Today reports,

BINGHAMTON — New York State Republican Party leaders on Thursday nominated retired NYPD detective Mike Sapraicone to challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for her seat in Congress.
“Our nation needs to find its way back. To achieve that requires a tough cop on the beat,” said Sapraicone, 67, of Glen Head, at the party’s nominating convention. Sapraicone received 84% of the party’s weighted vote.
If elected to the Senate, Sapraicone said he will “end the migration crisis” and boost the economy.

Sapraicone, who serves as CEO of a private security company, last year had considered a run to unseat Rep. George Santos (R-NY)

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Sapraicone is a dirty cop and a bad nominee for Republicans in the Big Apple.

While serving with the 114th Precinct Detective Squad, Sapraicone faced at least four complaints alleging unlawful use of force and abuse of authority, and he was accused of suppressing evidence and fabricating a confession in one case where the judge found that the Defendant’s Brady Rights were violated. This resulted in a $3,300,000 Settlement paid out to Robert Majors, who was convicted of armed robbery and wrongfully incarcerated for 21 years.

CALL TO ACTION: Gatewaty Pundit Readers, YOU Can Help Get One of Us into the US Senate – Cara Castronuova is The ONLY Electable and Pro-Trump GOP Candidate in New York

Castronuova needed 25% of the weighted vote of New York Republican Chairmen to

Because the votes are weighted by population, Cara lost the nomination, likely due to Staten Island Republicans.

Sapraicone’s company, Squad Security Inc., donated to Letitia James’ witchhunt against Trump when she was running in 2022:
Below is a working list on how New York Republican Chairmen voted:

Contact New York Republican Chairmen and tell them to fight to get Cara on the ballot or ask them to call an emergency committee and demand that Mike Sapraicone step down as the nominee.

New York Young Republican Communications Director Paul Ingrassia shared the results of the New York Republican vote:


Final percentages out of Binghamton:

1. @MikeSapraicone 84%
2. @CaraCastronuova 8.05%
3. @JoshEisen17 7.9%

New York’s ravenously anti-Trump and anti-MAGA GOP establishment nominated the fraud who donated tens of thousands of dollars to Letitia James, Andrew Cuomo, and…

— Paul Ingrassia (@PaulIngrassia) February 22, 2024

New York Republican Chairman Gavin Wax slammed Sapraicone for donating to Marxist Letitia James, who sued President Trump in a bogus lawsuit to penalize him for practicing business in New York.

You literally donated to the woman trying to throw President Trump in jail and bankrupt him.

Do you think the voters are stupid?

— Count Gavin Mario Wax (@GavinWax) February 22, 2024

This is a developing story…

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