City Council in New York Demands Investigation of Eric Adams’ Plan to Give $10,000 Debit Cards to Illegal Immigrants

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that NYC Mayor Eric Adams is planning to give illegal border crossers debit cards worth up to $10,000.

Now the city council is saying, not so fast. They want an investigation into the plan, particularly the no-bid bank deal that is the foundation of the measure.

People in New York must have questions too. You can imagine that members of the council got quite a few phone calls from angry residents of the city.

Breitbart News reports:

NY City Council Calls for Investigation into Mayor Eric Adams’ Plan to Hand Illegals $10K Pre-Paid Debit Cards

As the blowback continues over Democrat Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to give illegal border crossers in city shelters pre-paid debit cards, ostensibly to use to buy food, members of the city council have asked for an investigation into the scheme.

Adams proposed his new policy early in February, and insisted the program that would allow illegals to feed themselves would save the city millions of dollars in often wasted food-service costs.

The mayor estimated the pre-paid cards would cost the city $53 million, and would allow migrants to spend $35 per day, or $1,000 a month, to buy food to prepare for themselves, instead of being handed pre-made meals supplied by the city.

One part of the program that has raised eyebrows, though, is the no-bid contract that Adams doled out to launch the program.

According to WLNY-TV, Councilmember Gale Brewer blasted the mayor for the contract award, saying, “I think you should bid it out to see who would do the best job at the best cost for taxpayers.”

Who can blame people for wanting to know more about what’s happening here?

BREAKING: City Council calls for an INVESTIGATION of Mayor Adams plan to give illegals $10,000 Debit Cards.

The $53 million contract would give, Mobility Capital Finance, who the NY Mayor touts as ‘Minority Owned’ lots of fees for services, including:

– $125,000 one-time set-up…

— TaraBull (@TaraBull808) February 21, 2024

New York Post is reporting illegal migrants can get as much as $10,000 each in debit cards. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) how insane is Mayor Adams’ plan? Thoughts??

— Tom Borelli, Ph.D. (@tomborelli) February 20, 2024

This plan has bad idea written all over it. It’s so obviously ripe for fraud.

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