Lara Trump Commits to Bid for RNC Chair

Lara Trump Commits to Bid for RNC Chair

State of the Union: Trump echoed her father-in-law at CPAC, saying, “My revenge will be success.”

Credit: Anastasia Kaliabakos

On February 22, Lara Trump addressed the crowd at CPAC 2024 in National Harbor, Maryland, expressing her commitment to running for Republican National Committee chair. 

Trump’s decision to throw her hat in the ring stems from her perspective as a parent. “Our children, the next generation of leaders, are sitting in their classrooms being taught to despise our values,” she declared. “I say it is up to us, the parents, to ensure the safety and the education of our children.”

“I’ve had the great honor of being endorsed by my father-in-law, President Trump, to co-chair the Republican National Committee,” Trump said to cacophonous cheers. 

“I never imagined I would run, but I also never imagined that our country would be in such dire straits,” she continued. “It is time for change. It is time to fight and it is time to win, ladies and gentlemen.”

She also encouraged CPAC attendees to take advantage of early voting opportunities when the general election rolls around: “Take your neighbor, your friend, your dentist, heck, I don’t care, someone you met on the street, as long as they’re voting the right way, every single day up to and on November 5th.” 

Echoing Esther 4:14, Trump closed her speech saying, “I believe that Donald Trump was made for such a time as this.”

Trump, who is married to Eric, the former president’s third child, emphasized that her father-in-law’s presidential campaign would have unrelenting support from the RNC under her leadership. If successful, she will replace Ronna McDaniel, the current chairwoman, when the latter steps down after Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

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