Mich. State Rep. on Day 2 of “Sit-In” to Protest Anti-White Racism in State Budget and Spending

Rep. Steve Carra is a Republican legislator in Michigan who is currently on day two of a one man ‘sit in’ outside the House Speaker’s office to protest what he terms the ‘obviously racist’ anti-white spending items in the state budget.

Carra is referencing funding in the Michigan State Budget for ‘minority-owned businesses.’ The State of Michigan gives, according to Rep. Carra, at least $10 million dollars per year from section 1017 in state funding for this purpose, in addition to even more funding exclusively for blacks and other minorities throughout.

Rep. Steve Carra (R)

Says Carra: “It’s racist against white people. Can you imagine if the Speaker was white and proposed a program for ‘white-owned businesses’ and no one else could qualify and blacks need not apply? Legislators need to call this out for how it looks: it would be called racist and they’d be shamed to take it out.”

MI Freedom Caucus Chair Steve Carra is on DAY 2 outside Speaker Tate’s office. Rep. Carra has only left his post to use the bathroom and attend session. His mission is to give Speaker Tate an opportunity to apologize for the current discriminatory budget and to assure the people… pic.twitter.com/sR6H3yvSrb

— Michigan Freedom Caucus (@FreedomcaucusMI) February 21, 2024

The Michigan House Speaker is Detroit Democrat Joe Tate, who is Michigan’s first African-American leader of the legislative chamber.

Mich. House Speaker Joe Tate, Democrat

Carra continued, “I want Speaker Tate to apologize. I’m going to be out here protesting against this obvious Democrat racism in the budget. I haven’t heard from Tate yet and I don’t have a lot of hope that he’ll do the right thing, but I’m going to keep fighting for taxpayers to have a state budget without these kind of racial handouts.”

Michigan’s governmental bodies that hand out money to business, in an arrangement many have criticized as being prone to corruption and abuse, are very plain about seeking to help not just minorities broadly-speaking, but specifically black-owned businesses.

Carra told the Gateway Pundit that Speaker Tate has only briefly talked to him in passing: “The only time he would speak to me, he said he’d see me at session. The Speaker should be apologizing to me and all Michigan taxpayers and pledging it won’t happen again. Picking winners and losers in the state budget is wrong in the first place. But then bribing voters and campaign donors is another way in which this is all wrong. And on top of it all, they’re giving these handouts only to preferred minorities, It’s racist and wrong.”

Carra started his protest at 8am on Tuesday. Even though he is the only one protesting, he says that his 53 fellow Republican colleagues who are in the political minority in the legislative chamber, support his efforts. “I have a lot of support from my fellow Republican colleagues, who agree with the point I’m making, which is that these kind of racial handouts and racial preferences need to be taken out of the state budget,” said Rep. Carra.

This protest happens against the backdrop of a concerted effort by elite Democrats and their RINO establishment enablers to pressure conservative Rep. Josh Schriver to resign because Democrats accused him of being racist.

Rep. Schriver’s great sin was reposting a meme by Jack Posobiec that, they claim, promoted the ‘Great Replacement’ meme that there is a deliberate leftist policy to genetically replace whites with minorities through open borders immigration policies and by lavishly subsidizing minorities with government money through subsidy programs that prefer blacks and discourage whites.


— Rep. Joshua Schriver (@JoshuaSchriver) February 6, 2024

Instead of cowering to the pressure from leftists and RINOs, Rep. Schriver has doubled-down and refuses to apologize or grovel.

Globalists are planning to replace America and Americans. That’s not a theory, it’s a criminal conspiracy. We should lock them all up! #AmericaFirst

— Rep. Joshua Schriver (@JoshuaSchriver) February 21, 2024

Speaker Tate punished Schriver for his retweet and refusal to grovel, penalizing his political speech and extorting him to comply with the Speaker’s political ideology by firing his staff, taking away his ability to spend funds for his legislative office, and removing all other perks of office. These financial punishments are a form of coercion and bribery to the other legislators in the 110 member chamber.

Carra explains, “I wouldn’t be out here if they hadn’t gone after Rep. Schriver in the way that they did, in such a glaringly hypocritical way, so I want to point out that they are the real racists, and are anti-white racists in the way that they vote and legislate. They falsely say Josh Schriver hates black people because of a retweet, yet they clearly hate white people by the way they legislate and allocate money in the state budget.”

“They owe Michiganders an apology, but they also owe one to Josh and myself. I don’t have a lot of hope that that’s coming,” Carra continued.

Carra is streaming his sit-in, and he explained that his ongoing protest is already meeting some resistance despite his resilience.

“Last night I slept on a cot, which the Capitol Police have now confiscated. They just came by a few hours ago and took my pillows and blanket. They’re making it uncomfortable for me, but I’m determined. This enormous hypocrisy has to stop, and these policies need to change. It’s a smoke and mirror facade to discriminate against one race against another, it’s my humble wish that more people would see how bad these policies are and work together to end them.”

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