Teamsters Union Makes Major Donation to Republicans After Meeting With Trump

The Teamsters Union, one of the largest labor unions in the country, has just made a major donation to the Republican National Committee (RNC) after meeting with Trump.

This sends an obvious message about how the union thinks the 2024 election will go.

The Teamsters haven’t done this in years.

FOX News reports:

Teamsters union reports max donation of $45,000 to the RNC after meeting with Trump

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ political action committee reported a $45,000 donation to the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) convention fund last month in a stark departure from the union’s history of giving primarily to Democrats.

The Teamsters PAC — known formally as Democrat, Republican, Independent Voter Education — earmarked the donation on Jan. 25, according to federal elections filings reviewed by Fox News Digital. The contribution was reported weeks after former President Trump, the clear front-runner to secure the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, met with Teamsters President Sean O’Brien and days before a second meeting between the two on January 31.

In a statement, Teamsters spokesperson Kara Deniz said the contribution was approved in December, before the union’s two meetings with Trump, and will be dispatched to the RNC soon. An RNC official told Fox News Digital that it has not received the contribution and that the Teamsters haven’t reached out about it.

Deniz added that it represented the first time the Teamsters would participate in both the Republican and Democrat conventions in more than two decades.

More from RedState:

Labor unions are notoriously left-leaning in both leadership and in political action. While many blue-collar workers who are a part of the biggest unions in the country are split between Republicans and Democrats, the unions as a whole are very much pro-Democrat…

While the Teamsters typically make the occasional donation to Republican candidates, donations to the RNC itself are rare – the last one time it donated to the Republican group was in 2004, when it made a $15,000 donation. As you can see below, the vast majority of Teamster political spending goes toward Democrats.

This is a major development.

In a significant departure for the powerful organized labor group, the Teamsters’ PAC has given $45,000 to the Republican National Committee for the first time in 20 years, according to reports.

— NEWSMAX (@NEWSMAX) February 23, 2024

Just like we saw in 2016, union heads often support Democrats, but their rank and file members back Trump because he understands the working class.

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