Jewish Students File Lawsuit Against Columbia University Alleging ‘Severe and Pervasive’ Antisemitism Allowed to Flourish

Columbia University is yet another American institution of higher ed that has allowed anti-semitism to flourish on its campus.

Accuracy in Media reported on a letter from almost two dozen groups at Columbia suggesting violence by Hamas terrorists against innocent civilians was inevitable, “If every political avenue available to Palestinians is blocked, we should not be surprised when resistance and violence break out.”

The letter went further and hinted at more violence, “There can be no future of safety and freedom for all Israelis and Palestinians without holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its actions and putting an end to the untenable status quo of Israel’s apartheid and colonial system.”

Although the university suspended two pro-Palestine student groups, five Jewish students have filed a lawsuit against the institution, claiming the school has allowed “rampant antisemitism” to flourish on its campus.

The suit alleges that Columbia has not substantially intervened to combat the Jewish hate that has exploded on campus since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.

The New York Post reports:

“Columbia, one of America’s leading universities, has for decades been one of the worst centers of academic antisemitism in the United States,” documents filed in Manhattan federal court states.

Since October 7, 2023, when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered, tortured, raped, burned, and mutilated 1,200 people — including infants, children, and the elderly — antisemitism at Columbia has been particularly severe and pervasive.”

The Ivy League was accused of violating its Jewish students’ civil rights by remaining indifferent, therefore enabling, acts of antisemitism on campus — an argument that students have used in recent lawsuits lodged against other top schools, including Harvard University and New York University.

Read the entire lawsuit here:

Jewish students sue Columbi… by New York Post

Columbia has been so weak in their efforts to combat antisemitism that billionaire Leon Cooperman announced in October that he would no longer donate money to Columbia University over the pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place there.

He said that the students have s**t for brains.

Billionaire Henry Swieca also pulled support from the school, citing “moral cowardice” that has left Jews feeling unsafe on campus.

On February 29, The House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce will host a roundtable to discuss antisemitism in higher education.  In addition to students from Columbia, students from eight other universities, including Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Penn.

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