Unhinged Trans Activist Attacks Pro-Life Students During March for Life Rally

Trans activist Noah Cleveland charges through Students for Life march in Virginia image: @KristanHawkins/X

On Wednesday, a trans activist attacked a group of Students for Life during a pro-life March for Life on Wednesday in Richmond, Virginia.

Noah Cleveland, 42, was arrested and is facing one count of disorderly conduct, according to the New York Post.

In the video, Cleveland can be seen pushing through the students while carrying a transgender flag and shoving people aside.

The New York Post reports:

Noah Cleveland has been charged with one count of disorderly conduct after a video posted online showed the activist in a purple tank top, black leggings and a bright pink headband running into a group participating in the city’s annual March for Life on Wednesday, Capitol Police confirmed to The Post.

Cleveland could be seen holding up a transgender flag as he pushed into the crowd, knocking off one protester’s glasses and pushing people aside.

Students for Life Action Government Affairs Coordinator Savanna Deretich told the Daily Mail, “He came rushing forward chanting something, and I knew he was going to attack, so I pulled my phone to record.”

Deretich also claimed Cleveland is “infamous” and has “appeared at events like this before.”

“He sprinted up to our people, knocked the glasses off people’s heads, dashed through our march sign, and kept running.”

“I saw he was arrested by police sometime later.”

BREAKING: Protestor with trans flag assaults some of our @StudentsforLife students marching at the Virginia March for Life in Richmond.

Will he be held accountable? pic.twitter.com/m1ffG11hel

— Kristan Hawkins (@KristanHawkins) February 21, 2024

Update we received: All students are safe and uninjured. Thank for to those who supported us, this is an isolated incident and hasn’t happened often at the pro-life marches.

— Kristan Hawkins (@KristanHawkins) February 22, 2024

Governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin joined the march, as did Lt. Governor of Virginia Winsome Earle-Sears.

The Governor of Virginia, @glennyoungkin, unapologetically expressed his pro-life views by Marching for Life at the Virginia State Capitol today, emphasizing the importance of building a culture of life. pic.twitter.com/fwz0fE4Fts

— March for Life Action (@MFLAction) February 22, 2024

Honored today to speak at the Virginia @March_for_Life! Thank you to all who came out this morning to stand for life. We must – and we will – continue to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. pic.twitter.com/o6tcl7F6tq

— Lt. Governor of Virginia – Winsome Earle-Sears (@WinsomeSears) February 21, 2024

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