WATCH! Republican Candidate Installs Barbed Wire Over Gap in Border

Congressional candidate Kate Monroe

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‘I will do it myself’

One Republican candidate for Congress has concerns that Washington, D.C., hasn’t acted to secure America’s border.

So she’s doing it herself.

A report in the Daily Mail explains Kate Monroe, a candidate for Congress representing California’s 49th District, bought some barbed wire, took it to the border, and installed it.

She targeted a gap that has been infamous in recent months.

“The border opening, known locally as the ‘San Judas Break’ based on its proximity to a nearby Mexican town bearing the same name, sits roughly 80 miles east of San Diego near Jacumba Hot Springs, California. The opening itself is only a few feet wide,” the report said.

“It was appalling to me that we couldn’t secure that part of the wall as though it was a massive opening,” she said. “Thank God Amazon sells razor wire.”

The report noted, “The location has been a popular crossing spot for Chinese nationals, of which at least 450 have crossed through the gap since Monday. The 2023 fiscal year reportedly saw over 37,000 Chinese migrants encountered at the border – with a staggering 20,000 more who have crossed since October, when the 2024 fiscal year began.”

Monroe continued, “When we arrived on scene the border patrol was seated in their SUVs watching the migrants while they waited to be picked up and taken to the airport. We spoke to the border guys and they said they can’t do anything about it.”

In fact, when Joe Biden took office he issued a long list of executive orders shutting down virtually all of the border security programs that had been instituted, largely to effect, by President Donald Trump.

That was viewed by migrants around the world as an invitation and millions have since arrived in the U.S., almost always to claim financial benefits from the American taxpayers.

Monroe warned, “The border is left open on purpose. If we simply called up the National Guard, allowed border patrol to do their job while we build a wall, it’s very simple to fix it.

“I believe that there is a sinister plan afoot by the left to flood America with migrants even if they are drug traffickers, terrorists or human traffickers. ‘They want Democrat supremacy at all costs.”

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