Will President Trump Lose to Mail-In Ballots and Bad Advice Again?

If Republicans do not wake up to the fact that Democrats cheat – we may be looking at another term of the mumbling dementia patient in the White House.

Guest post by Jay Valentine at Omega4America.com

When asked to identify the most fundamental problem in the past Trump administration, the almost universal reply is President Trump surrounded himself with people who gave bad advice or stabbed him in the back.

We can now say, with confidence backed by data in over 2 dozen states, President Trump has not quite learned that lesson.

In a February Town Hall with Laura Ingraham, President Trump said the way to overcome mail-in ballot fraud was to outrun it – get enough votes so it doesn’t matter.  His precise words were “..we will swamp it.”

His nepotistic candidate for RNC co-chair, said she would run the world’s biggest ballot harvesting effort ever.

To people new to the voter fraud world, some things look easy, but are infinitely more complicated.

Unfortunately, Ms. Trump, the real data paints quite a different picture.

2024 will be won in 15 counties across 7 states.  Period.

Do you, dear reader, think Republicans, starting in March or April, can out-ballot-harvest the leftists in those 15 counties?  The left has been running a ballot-harvest and ballot manufacturing operation for decades!

Getting hundreds of thousands of previously unobtainable votes in Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, from evangelical churches and Kiwanis Clubs, getting Republicans to vote early – means nothing – it does not change the electoral count in these 15 counties – thus the Republicans cannot win those 7 swing states.

Here are the counties:

Arizona – Maricopa and Pima.
North Carolina – Wake and Mecklenberg.
Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Racine.
Michigan – Wayne and Oakland.
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia and Delaware.
Georgia – Dekalb, Gwinnett and Fulton.
Nevada – Clark and Washoe.

That, ladies and gentlemen is the battlefield for 2024.

Now let’s show just how steep the hill is for those who think they are going to out-ballot harvest the left in those counties – since we have the Undeliverable Ballot Database info for each one.

Let’s begin with Arizona.

Our team did the data autopsy for the Kari Lake campaign – demonstrating that over 20,000 new voters were added days before the election – in one county alone.  Virtually all were illegally added.  Anyone care to guess how you ballot harvest voters, secretly added, invisible to the Republicans?

The election commission changed the zip codes of thousands of voters – the week mail-in ballots went out.  So how do you ballot harvest those?  Did the people even get those ballots?

How about Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin illegal aliens are being added to voter rolls when getting driver’s licenses.  Lara Trump can ballot harvest all she wants in Wisconsin, but does anyone think she can “outrun” the illegals being registered?  How about the over 3 million “inactive” voters on the current roll?  What about the over 450,000 clearly fake people/address combinations found on those rolls in 2022 and 2023?

Maybe Trump can outrun it in Georgia.

Fractal published a video on the Omega4America website digitally recreating the 2020 Georgia election.  You can go there and see the type of anomalies built into the wildly inaccurate Georgia voter rolls.

211,958 Georgia voters in 2020 voted from inappropriate addresses

People, they are still there!

Ballot harvest all you want, but the leftists will continue to vote for people who are not on the voter rolls.  They will vote for people who moved – as we clearly showed using the U.S.P.S. National Change of Address database for Georgia.  The numbers are in the tens of thousands!  Going to take a lot of smiles and dials from the new RNC to outrun that!

Maybe Nevada!

Nevada had an election this month – and their voter history rolls were shown to be wildly out of date.

If you want to ballot harvest you need to know two things.  Did this person vote before?  Is that person at that address?

The voter history record, which even the Nevada government cannot get straight, is incorrect.  That destroys ballot harvesting.  Scratch Nevada.

The Fractal team just finished the analysis of the Mississippi voter rolls.  We synchronized the current voter list with the change of address list.  We found 133,000 people who the voter list said were at an address, were in fact, not there – on the current list!

Our team ran the RNC lists – from which Lara Trump gets her starting point, and we showed them to be wrong over 50% of the time.  Good luck cleaning them before 2024.

Well, maybe Michigan.

Michigan has the same challenge of illegal aliens getting driver licenses.  As long as they are “legally present,” although illegally arrived, they are good to go.  From there, getting registered to vote is a small step.

Michigan ran one of the most egregious ballot manufacturing operations.  Ballot harvesting cannot harvest more ballots than ballot manufacturing can create – and Michigan will do it again.

The Fractal team runs the largest voter database in the United States – with over 1.7 billion records – growing every day. Let’s see what the 1.7 billion number means.

There are roughly 161 million voters.  However, they change status.  Some move.  Some die.  Some live in transient addresses like RV Parks, hotels (big in Nevada, North Carolina), hospitals.

Fractal has almost 2 billion records because Fractal, a quantum technology, tracks voter movements.

For instance, in Alaska, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Ohio and every swing state above, we not only know that Phineas lives and votes from a college dorm, hotel or RV Park – we know Phineas has been doing it for 20 years!

We built the Undeliverable Ballot Database because our time series analysis, across 66 copies of the Pennsylvania voter roll show Phineas has been voting from his college dorm for 19 years.

Only Republicans believe Phineas is still a college student.

We built the APT query – who lives at an apartment address with no APT number?

There are over 450,000 in the swing states – and every one receives a ballot in 2024 – the ballot accumulates on the floor, is returned to the Postal Service or picked up by a leftist runner.

We have testimony from postal carriers that those ballots are given to leftist groups.

So how exactly can the Republicans out-ballot harvest those?

In Wisconsin, Fractal finds a college dorm with 1,500 active voters.  The dorm manager says only 250 students live there at any one time.  Ballot harvest all you want; that dorm will cast over 1,000 ballots in 2024.  Think they’re for Trump?

Multiply this by the hundreds of thousands and we demonstrate in every state there are enough anomalous voters to change statewide elections.  We just did this for legislators in Minnesota, Alaska, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio and of course, every swing state.

So why aren’t we into ballot harvesting?

Ballot harvesting requires good lists.

Every state, every national voter integrity group and both the RNC and DNC use “data lake” relational SQL technology to manage lists.  That technology is obsolete – it’s 40 years old.  It cannot cross search current voter lists with property records – finding Phineas, who votes – his address being a department store.

It cannot synchronize the NCOA list with the current voter list like Fractal did in Georgia and Mississippi – to show over 130,000 people ballot harvesters would think are at those addresses – but they moved!

For the left, out-of-date voter lists are a feature – because they monitor the people who haven’t voted, (Wisconsin, Michigan) and cast a ballot in their name – even if they don’t exist.

That’s a capability that Republicans don’t have.

For Republicans, bad lists are obstacles – one of the excuses as to why they got smoked in every swing state – losing each of the 15 key counties by a lot.

The Fractal team demonstrates weekly – that in every swing state there are over 8%, up to 20% anomalous voters.

If you think Trump will win the swing states by over 8%, ballot harvest!

If you think Trump cannot “swamp them” by over 8%, then go to bed early November 5th.

The leftists will do it to you again – it’s in the data for all to see!

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine and the underlying technology for the TSA No-Fly List.  He can be contacted at Omega4America.com.


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