Former CNN Potato Brian Stelter Running for Seat on School Board in New Jersey… As a Republican

Now that Brian Stelter no longer has a show on CNN, he apparently has a lot more time on his hands. He is running for a seat on a school board in New Jersey.

In a fascinating twist, Stelter is running as a Republican. Are we supposed to believe Brian Stelter is a Republican? Are voters in new Jersey going to buy that?

What indication has he ever given in public that he is a member of the GOP?

BNN News reported:

From CNN to School Board Candidacy: Brian Stelter’s Unexpected Path & The Ongoing Debates Shaping Our Society

Imagine a world where the headlines capture not just the sensational but weave a narrative that connects deeply with our collective experiences. In this journey, we traverse the unexpected career pivot of Brian Stelter, the debates over induced lactation for transgender women, and the broader societal discussions that challenge our perceptions and norms.

The Unlikely Candidate: Brian Stelter’s New Ambition

Once a familiar face on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’, Brian Stelter finds himself at the heart of a local school board election in Readington Township. A registered Republican since November 2022, Stelter’s candidacy has stirred the pot among local party members, bringing national attention to a typically low-key affair. His journey from media critic to aspiring school board member underscores a broader narrative about the fluidity of career paths and the intersection of media, politics, and education.

How is this even real?

“Brian Stelter Is Reportedly Running for School Board in NJ…As a Republican”
And the laugh of the day goes to … Tater! Hahahahahaha! *gasp wheeze!* Can’t make this stuff up!

— Gray Wolf (@graywolf442) February 24, 2024

Brian Stelter is running for a seat at Readington County School Board as a Republican.

Bet you didn’t have that on your 2024 Bingo card.

— Insurrection Barbie (@DefiyantlyFree) February 24, 2024

Warning to parents in Readington Township, New Jersey.

Brian Stelter is running for a seat on the school board and is running as a Republican! You can’t make this stuff up.

— The Great Resistance (@ResistanceGreat) February 23, 2024

Former CNN host Brian Stelter is looking for a new job.

The liberal, extremely anti-Trump reporter is now running for office in New Jersey.

Specifically, he is running for a local School Board position as… wait for it… a REPUBLICAN!

— rcar (@car_done) February 24, 2024

Wouldn’t you love to hear Stelter explain what specific conservative policies he supports?

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