It’s Time to Un-Cancel America: The RePlatform Freedom Economy Conference Is Coming to Las Vegas March 8-10 – Get Tickets Now!

The RePlatform Freedom Economy Convention is a 3-day conference and tradeshow coming to Las Vegas in March.
The conference will be held at the Horseshoe Hotel in Las Vegas March 8-10, 2024.

The event will bring together inventors, banks, payment systems, hackers, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators to craft real products that work around the incompetence, stagnation, and censorship in corporate America.

Organizers shared this on the event, “As the team behind Defeat the Mandates, we united social conservatives, red-pilled progressives, people of faith, classical liberals, libertarians, and populists to dismantle the mandate system all across America. Now, we’re reimagining this same coalition to create a superior, more innovative Parallel Economy.”

Use promo code: GATEWAY for 30% off tickets.

As The Gateway Pundit readers are well aware, conservatives have faced increased efforts by the left to de-bank, de-platform, and cancel their voices and ability to do business at every level in the United States.

Tens of thousands of Americans have lost banking privileges, social media pages, and their right to speak freely without warning, The Gateway Pundit has been banned, shadowbanned, censored, and disappeared from online platforms, online banking, and even insurance companies over the past several years.  The Gateway Pundit and Jim Hoft personally were banned from PayPal on the last day of 2021.  We had never violated any of PayPal’s bylaws, we had never been warned about our activity — BUT we are conservative and pro-Trump. That was enough to get us removed from the platform.

The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 250 websites in the United States today, with almost a billion page views last year. We continue to grow despite constant attacks, smears, limited social media, and lawsuits.

American Express slashed the credit line of Mike Lindell’s MyPillow by a staggering 90% after a 15-year partnership between the two companies.

Former Facebook executive Alex Stamos called for conservative news alternatives OANN and Newsmax to be completely deplatformed “to turn down the capability of these Conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences.”

The Gateway Pundit reported last month that the Biden regime allegedly flagged transactions using terms like “MAGA” and “TRUMP” for financial institutions.

Individuals who shopped at stores like Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or purchased religious texts like a Bible, may also have had their transactions flagged.

And just this week, Libs of TikTok announced that PayPal alternative Stripe disabled her account and is holding her funds.

BREAKING: @stripe disabled my account. They’re also holding onto my funds and won’t release them. I called and emailed and they aren’t giving me a straight answer. This has been going on for a month. Nobody has been able to subscribe to my newsletter and my funds are frozen.

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) February 22, 2024

The RePlatform Freedom Economy Convention could not come at a better time.

** Get tickets for the RePlatform-Freedom Economy Convention here.

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