CULTURAL ENRICHMENT: Abdul Ezedi, Afghan Migrant Wanted for London Acid Attack, Found Death in Thames River

Some stories are predictable tragedies: Abdul Ezedi was an Afghan ‘refugee’ (really an economic migrant) who was absurdly granted asylum in the UK despite being convicted of a sex offense in Britain in 2018.

Associated Press reported:

“His asylum application was initially rejected, but he later was permitted to remain in the U.K. after claiming that he had converted to Christianity.”

After fake Christian Ezedy performed a chemical attack on his former girlfriend and her two young daughters, he became the object of a nationwide manhunt.

Now it arises that London police confirmed that a body they pulled from the River Thames is that of Ezedy.

His family has been informed of this development, and the Met police also said that a post-mortem has confirmed his cause of death as drowning.

“’As the public would expect, our enquiries continue into this atrocious attack’, said Commander Jon Savell. ‘The 31-year-old woman is still in hospital and remains in a stable condition and no longer sedated. We have still not been able to speak to her but hope to as soon as she is well enough’.

Police launched a nationwide manhunt for Ezedi after the attack in the Clapham area of south London on Jan. 31 that saw the mother-of-two doused with a corrosive alkali. Some of the chemical injured her 8-year-old daughter, while the 3-year-old had her head slammed into the ground.

Images of Ezedi soon after showed he had significant injuries to the right side of his face, but his whereabouts were unknown. On Feb. 9, the Met said they believed Ezedi had probably ‘gone into the water’ after piecing together closed-circuit television footage of his movements after the attack.”

The crew of a passing boat reported seeing a body in the water near the Tower of London on Monday afternoon.

Independent reported:

“Ezedi’s body was recovered from the River Thames on Monday and has now been formally identified following a post-mortem examination, the Metropolitan Police said.”

His former girlfriend, who was doused with a corrosive chemical in Clapham last month, is now in a stable condition and no longer sedated.

“Police believe Ezedi, from the Newcastle area, threw a burning chemical over the woman, some of which also injured one of the children, and slammed the three-year-old’s head on the ground in the attack on January 31.

He then fled the scene and initially used his bank card to travel on the Tube before walking a route that broadly hugged the banks of the River Thames in the following hours.

During a massive manhunt, investigators had to piece together CCTV footage to establish that he had jumped in the Thames.”

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