Graham Met with Chorus of Boos at Trump Victory Speech in South Carolina (VIDEO)

Sen. Lindsey Graham was brutally booed at former President Trump’s victory speech in South Carolina on Saturday night.

Trump had brought him up on stage after his easy defeat of neoconservative presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Trump said during his introduction that when he’s in trouble on the left, he calls Graham.

Lindsey Graham BOOED at Trump victory speech after massive win in SC primary.


— Suburban Black Man (@niceblackdude) February 25, 2024

“He doesn’t do too much television,” Trump said sarcastically. “He happens to be a little bit further left than some of the people on this stage. But I always say when I’m in trouble on the left, I call up Lindsey Graham and he straightens it out.”

Graham got on the mic and was met with massive boos from the audience.

Almost as good as Nicki Haley losing South Carolina by 50% is Sen. Lindsey Graham getting booed at Donald Trump’s victory party!

— Gays For Trump (@GaysForTrump24) February 25, 2024

“This is the most qualified man to be president United States,” Graham said. “And let it be said that South Carolina created the biggest political comeback in American history.”

Trump beat Haley by double digits, despite South Carolina being her home state.

Even though she has not managed to beat Trump in a single state, Haley has said that she will not leave the race before Super Tuesday.

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