Organized Crime Ring of Teens Steal Nine Luxury Cars at Wisconsin Luxury Dealership Valued at Over $500,000 (VIDEO)

Stealing cars is often more than a single person breaking into a car and driving off. In some cases, it’s a well-organized operation by highly skilled thieves.

Surveillance footage showed a group of teens break into a Wisconsin Range Rover dealership last week. The group is suspected to be a part of a crime ring based out of Chicago.

According to the video footage, there were nine masked suspects who stole nine vehicles with an estimated worth totaling over $500,000.

Fox News reported:

A group of teens believed to be part of a Chicago-area organized crime ring broke into a luxury Range Rover dealership in Wisconsin last week and drove away with nine cars with a total value of over half a million dollars, authorities said.

Surveillance video captured the moment nine masked suspects busted into the Jaguar-Land Rover dealership at about 6 a.m. on Feb. 18 in Waukesha, about 19 miles west of Milwaukee.

Waukesha Police Capt. Dan Baumann told WISN-TV that the suspects broke into the dealership and found where the car keys were stored before activating the key fobs to locate each car they would steal.

According to Waukesha Police Captain Dan Baumann, the suspects found the key fobs before stealing the vehicles.

“Police at the time said that the suspects were believed to be ‘an organized crime group of teenagers from the Chicago area’ and most are known to members of a police task force in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois,” Fox News reported.

A 17 year old suspect was arrested on Sunday after he crashed one of the stolen vehicles during a police pursuit on I 94 in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. He was booked into Waukesha County jail on $50 thousand bond. He faces theft, property damage and burglary charges.

So far six of the nine vehicles have been recovered. As of Friday, the eight other suspects are still at large.

Surveillance footage shows the masked suspects walking around the showroom floor on February 18th around 6:00 am.

The video continues with one of the vehicles reversing and breaking through a garage door. After that, outside video shows the vehicles leaving the dealership property.


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