‘Skyrocketing’: Number of Attacks on Christians, Churches Explodes

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‘American culture appears increasingly hostile to Christianity’

Experts are warning a “skyrocketing” number of attacks on Christian churches “mirrors the general anti-Christian tenor of the Biden administration’s policies, at home and abroad,” according to a new report from the Washington Stand that detailed how such incidents of violence have exploded 800% over six years.

The report explains, “Joe Biden’s ‘indifference abroad to the fundamental freedom of religion is rivaled only by the increasing antagonism toward the moral absolutes taught by Bible-believing churches here in the U.S.’”

That word is from Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who explained, “The Biden administration’s whole-of-government opposition to biblical morality is ‘fomenting this environment of hostility toward churches.’”

“If you believe anti-Christian attacks have skyrocketed over the last decade, you’re right. Attacks on churches have increased 800% in less than six years — and more than doubled over the last year, according to a new report released today by Family Research Council. Documented acts of anti-church hostility include attempted bombings, shootings, satanic vandalism, and numerous attacks based on anti-Christian bias due to support for abortion or extreme transgender ideology. Some constituted unpunished election interference,” the Stand reported.

Some 915 “acts of hostility” have been identified as being launched against churches from January 2018 to November 2023.

There were 709 acts of vandalism, 135 attempted or accomplished arsons, 32 bomb threats and nearly two dozen gun-related incidents.

Also, assault, threats and deliberate disturbances of worship.

“These acts of ‘religious intimidation’ send the message ‘that churches are not wanted in the community or respected in general,’” explained Arielle Del Turco, report author.

“Regardless of the motivations of these crimes, everyone should treat churches and all houses of worship with respect and affirm the importance of religious freedom for all Americans.”

During the first 11 months of 2023, there were 436 “acts of hostility” against churches in America, including 315 vandalisms, 75 arsons, 20 bomb threats and 12 instances of “satanic graffiti.”

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