UFC Brawl Leaves Fan Knocked Out in Mexico City (VIDEO)

A UFC fight on Saturday in Mexico City included an additional fight in the stands.

A video captured in the stands shows a huge brawl involving a group of angry fans. No information was provided for the reason the fight started.

Fox Sports reported:

UFC Fight Night in Mexico City produced more than just knockouts inside the octagon on Saturday night.

Video captured a massive brawl in the stands, where one UFC fan was knocked out cold during the fight with fellow spectators.

It’s unknown what started the fight, but everyone in Arena CDMX was locked in as several fans started throwing punches.

Chaos emerges as the men in the video start to throw punches. As one man is trying to back away from one of the other men, another man throws a punch and knocks him out.



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It did not appear from the footage that security tried to intervene in the fight. Dana White, President of the UFC, had mentioned that security was not responding to the fight.

“The crazy thing about that fight [is], when that fight broke out, it felt like it kept going forever,” White said after the event. “I ran over there, and I was watching it. Nobody stopped it. I was waiting for security to come in. They just let them go until it was over. That’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen,” Fox Sports reported.

White also said he wasn’t concerned with the brawl giving the UFC a negative perception.

“I don’t think it’s a bad look for the UFC. It happened and that was the end of that. I think after everybody else saw that s—, nobody else wanted to try that again. No security. The fight just went on until the fight was over. I’ve never seen any s— like that in my life. Crazy,” Fox Sports reported.

Dana White’s style of running the UFC has been one of independence. Whether it’s brawling fans, or making a grand entrance with President Trump, the brand has shown itself to be very successful.


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