“Deceitful Criminal Conduct” – Jack Smith Claims Trump’s Handling of Classified Documents is Worse Than Biden’s Stolen Docs Case

Special Counsel Jack Smith argued Trump’s case of handling classified documents is much worse than Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents scandal.

This is the first time Jack Smith has addressed Special Counsel Robert Hur’s scathing report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of highly classified military materials.

Jack Smith opposed Trump’s motion to compel discovery in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case and accused Trump of “deceitful criminal conduct.”

“The defendants have not identified anyone who has engaged in a remotely similar suite of willful and deceitful criminal conduct and not been prosecuted. Nor could they,” Jack Smith’s prosecutor wrote in a 12-page filing reviewed by The Gateway Pundit.

“Trump, unlike Biden, is alleged to have engaged in extensive and repeated efforts to obstruct justice and thwart the return of documents bearing classification markings,” Jack Smith’s prosecutor David Harbach added. “And the evidence concerning the two men’s intent — whether they knowingly possessed and willfully retained such documents — is also starkly different.”

President Trump was charged with 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information lawfully stored at his Mar-a-Lago estate protected by the Secret Service. Trump was also charged with 8 counts related to obstruction (including in a superseding indictment).

Biden’s stolen classified documents scandal is MUCH WORSE. He was NOT president when he snuck classified documents out of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) and stored them in unsecured locations.

Joe Biden STOLE SCIF-designated classified documents and improperly stored them at the Penn Biden Center, his Delaware garage, his Virginia rental home, and his lawyer’s Boston office.

Some of the most highly sensitive documents mishandled by Biden’s ‘executive assistant’ were stored at Penn Biden Center in an unlocked office and closet.

The ‘executive assistant’ referred to in Hur’s report was none other than Biden’s gatekeeper Kathy Chung.

Chung (pictured below with Biden) mishandled the classified documents yet she still was not charged. Biden appointed her to a cushy job at the Pentagon as Lloyd Austin’s assistant where she has access to the nation’s most highly sensitive military materials.

Kathy Chung admitted to lawmakers that she knew the “EYES ONLY VPOTUS” folder (pictured below) contained highly classified material related to intelligence sources and methods – YET SHE WAS STILL NOT CHARGED.

“Mr. Biden’s office did not lock,” Hur said in his 345-page report, “and the adjoining outer office where Mr. Biden’s executive assistant maintained his files was always accessible through Mr. Biden’s office.” In a footnote, Hur added that “the Vice President’s office could only be locked from the inside using a panic button.”

Visitors from all walks of life, including dangerous actors from China and Ukraine had access to the classified documents stored at Penn Biden Center.

Hur couldn’t determine who had access to Biden’s stolen classified documents because security at the Penn Biden Center deleted all the visitor logs from 2017-2021.

There was virtually no real security at the Penn Biden Center and in 2019 visitors no longer needed a key fob or security escort to access the floor where all of the stolen classified documents were stored, according to Hur’s report reviewed by this reporter.

Furthermore, Joe Biden shared classified information with his ghost writer on at least three occasions.

According to Robert Hur, In 2017, Joe Biden read aloud classified passages about meetings in the Situation Room to his ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer “verbatim on at least three occasions” – and Biden still wasn’t charged.

Biden wasn’t charged for reading classified information to his ghostwriter because jurors could conclude his actions were “unintentional.”

It gets worse….

Joe Biden’s ghostwriter Mark Zwonitzer deleted digital audio files of recordings of his conversations with Biden after learning about Special Counsel Robert Hur’s appointment.

According to Hur’s report, Zwonitzer deleted the files before he received a subpoena.

Technicians were able to recover the deleted recordings but Zwonitzer was not charged for deleting the files.

According to the report, portions of three of Zwonitzer’s recovered audio files appeared to be missing and a fourth file appeared to have portions overwritten with a separate recording.

The feds declined to charge Zwonitzer.

Kathy Chung was also not charged.

In contrast, Trump’s aides Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira were charged by Jack Smith. Nauta, a valet driver, with charged with 5 counts of concealing or withholding documents and conspiracy to obstruct justice.

De Oliveira, a Mar-a-Lago property manager, was hit with several obstruction charges in the classified documents case even though he didn’t know any of the boxes at Trump’s Florida residence contained classified materials. De Oliveira was unaware of the investigation and never saw any classified materials.

Trump’s handling of classified materials is not worse than Biden’s stolen classified documents case as Jack Smith argues.

This is a case of selective prosecution and a glaring example of a two-tiered justice system.

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