Jerry Seinfeld Harassed by Screaming Anti-Israel Protesters Outside Event in New York City (VIDEO)

Unhinged anti-Israel protesters outside of an event for Jewish people in New York harassed and screamed at Jerry Seinfeld on Monday, accusing him of supporting genocide.

These people are so offensive and stupid, it’s painful. They all seem to think they’re some sort of human rights anti-war activists, but they fail to understand the history of the region and they refuse to acknowledge the horrors of the October 7th attacks in Israel.

And who goes after Jerry Seinfeld like this? He seems like one of the most normal, down to earth people in show business.

FOX News reported:

Jerry Seinfeld screamed at outside NY event on ‘State of the World Jewry Address’: ‘F— you’, ‘scum’

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was met by angry, profane protesters as he was leaving an event in New York City with Free Press founder Bari Weiss.

“Genocide supporter, you support genocide!” protesters yelled at Seinfeld as he left an event on the Upper East Side on Saturday night, per footage shared by FNTV.

“F— you, you support genocide,” another protester yelled as Seinfeld left the venue.

“Nazi scum!” other demonstrators chanted.

“The small crowd of protesters rallied outside the community center that was hosting Weiss, who was giving the 92Y’s annual State of the World Jewry address,” The New York Post reported Monday.

“Protesters were critical of Weiss, a strong supporter of Israel, and tried to connect her to the death of Palestinian professor and poet Refaat Alareer, who was killed in Gaza in December in an Israeli airstrike,” the report continued.

See below:

Smiling Jerry Seinfeld, who is Jewish, waved off anti-Israel protesters who accused him of supporting genocide while leaving ‘State of the World Jewry’ event in New York City.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) February 26, 2024

Under the guise of “pro-Palestine activists”: Nazi Jew-haters persist in harassing and vilifying Jews in the streets.

This time, their target was Jerry Seinfeld in NYC. Unfazed and hardly impressed by the antisemitic clowns, Jerry responded like the champ he is:


— Adam Albilya – אדם אלביליה (@AdamAlbilya) February 26, 2024

These protesters are not even trying to win people over, they just want to intimidate others.

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