Peter Sweden: IT’S SPREADING: Swedish Farmers Join European Wide Protests

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This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

Farmers all over Europe have been taking part in historic protests against the climate agenda.

Something big, something historic has been taking place all over Europe the last few months. Farmers in 20 European countries have taken to the streets to protest against unfair policies driven in large by the climate agenda.

If you have only been reading the mainstream media, you might not have realized how large these protests actually are.

I’ve been following this and tens of thousands of farmers all over Europe have been protesting for months. They’ve blockaded Paris, they’ve blockaded airports, they’ve even built walls around government buildings in protests.

Read more here.

These protests are nothing but historic, yet you barely see anything about it in the news. The farmers are saying NO to the World Economic Forum agenda.

Now the protests have reached Sweden, with farmers taking to the streets with hundreds of their tractors, with some carrying banners reading “No farmers, No food, No future”.

You can see videos from the Swedish farmers protest here:

It really began with the Dutch farmers last year after the government talked about essentially SEIZING 3000 farms in order to meet the 2030 climate goals.

I traveled to the Netherlands to report directly from the farmers protests there last year, you can read all about it in my article here:

You see, this all comes back to the UN Agenda 2030. They have outlined several “Global Goals” that is to be implemented all over the world in time for the year 2030.

One of these goals is “Climate Action”. And they have decided that farmers are polluting to much.

Instead, if you are to listen to the World Economic Forum, people should be eating insects and fake meat to save the planet.

There was even a guest at this years World Economic Forum who said that fishing and farming was akin to “ecocide” and should “recognized legally as a serious crime”. Yes, you read that correctly.

So the plan is that you will eat fake meat and insects to save the planet.

In reality, this is not much different from what happened under the Soviet Union.

Stalin called farmers the “enemy of the people”. The Communists seized the farmers land. The result was that millions of people were starved to death.

Now we are seeing the elites wanting to seize control of the food supply in the name of climate change.

Farmers are now once again being painted as “enemies” because they supposedly pollute the earth.

It’s Climate Communism.

Independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen has dedicated years to reporting the things the mainstream media ignores. You can follow him at

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