EXCLUSIVE: RINO Dark Money Super PAC Spends Over $1 Million to Spread LIES Against Popular Trump-Endorsed Texas Candidate Brandon Gill

EXCLUSIVE — In the race for deep red Republican Texas 26th open Congressional seat, DC Dark Money Super PACs America Leads Action, Inc. has launched a $1.1 million ad spend in false lies against Trump-endorsed candidate Brandon Gill.

The Super PAC spreading lies about Brandon Gill, America Leads Action Inc. was filed with the Federal Election Commission—linking Soros’ ties to attacking pro-Trump candidates.

According to Open Secrets, America Leads Action, Inc. spent $1,114,109 in attack ads against Brandon Gill so far this year – in just two months!

The Gateway Pundit discovered through an online search that the two major funders of America Leads Action, Inc. are Rob Walton and Jay Faison.

Rob Walton is the billionaire heir to the WalMart fortune.
Jay Faison is an American entrepreneur and a conservative philanthropist focused on climate change from North Carolina.

They both list themselves as independent. Faison is labeled a conservative philanthropist.

Not only are dark-money Super PACs trying to confuse voters of the 26th District, but the lies they are spreading about Brandon Gill are completely false.

Gateway Pundit has performed an independent fact check of these false claims. Upon review, Gill has never done business with China, and he has never advocated for the “defund the police” movement, which is a far-left movement by radical Democrats.

Further, Gill grew up on a Texas cattle ranch, currently lives within the 26th District, and is not a carpetbagger as these false ads suggest.

Conservative Pundit and Texas resident Dinesh D’Souza Responded to the Lies below.

A Never Trump super-pac is buying more than $1 million in TV and radio ads saying @realBrandonGill is not a real Texan. Is he? In general, who qualifies as a real Texan? My thoughts! pic.twitter.com/kbX9ppWb6b

— Dinesh D’Souza (@DineshDSouza) February 19, 2024

This is RINO money aiming to take out a very popular Pro-Trump candidate.

For the record — Texas is under attack this year.
The Gateway Pundit reported in early January that George Soros was committed to flipping Texas from red to blue through any means necessary.

Soros Dumping a Fortune Into Texas, Funding Operatives with One Goal in Mind

The swamp and liberal outsiders like George Soros are committed to defaming Brandon Gill and all MAGA Republicans for their support of President Trump.

Brandon Gill is a strong supporter of the police and has made his top priority in Congress to deport every single illegal alien Joe Biden allowed into the country.

With eight days until the March 5th Texas Republican primary, Brandon Gill holds the endorsements of President Donald J. Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, Congressman Jim Jordan, along with many members of the House Freedom Caucus.

** Please donate to Brandon Gill for Congress here.

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