WATCH: Italian TV Destroys Dementia Joe Biden in Their Second Parody of Him

Credit: Warner Bros. Discovery/NOVE

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a clip on Italian TV brutally mocked Biden, showing the world what they think of his pathetic leadership. Now, they have released a sequel parody.

This new skit opens up with a demented Biden walking like Frankenstein as he approaches the podium on the White House lawn before falling flat on his face. His handlers race to help him to his feet.

Once they help him up, he collapses AGAIN. When asked if he is okay, he grunts, “Yeah.”

After wandering aimlessly for a few seconds, the Biden character attempts to find his way to the podium and walks beside it. He cannot locate the object even after his handlers consistently point it out to him.


Italian TV just aired this skit mocking Joe Biden. Americans need Trump.

— RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) February 27, 2024

After finally discovering the podium, he asks it, “What’s your name? He is still to the side of the object.

After not hearing a response, the Biden character exclaims, “My name is Joe Kennedy!”

His handlers immediately correct him and say the name “Biden.” He responds by giving them a clueless look.

He then turns his back to them and begins to wander off. Biden’s handlers beg him to come back.

When he finally arrives at his original place to the right of the podium, he says, “My Name is Joe Kennedy” again.

Biden’s handlers can only laugh. He gives them another blank look in response.

America is truly a national laughingstock under this clown. This was never the case under President Trump.

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