Biden’s Late Night Interview With Seth Meyers Was a Ratings Dud – Especially With Young Voters

Joe Biden’s decision to go on the Seth Meyers late night show was mocked, considering he had just turned down the opportunity to do a softball interview at the Super Bowl.

Now the ratings for the Meyers interview are in and they are not great. The program did particularly poorly among young voters.

Biden could have reached millions of people with the Super Bowl but he chose to do this instead. Great instincts, Joe!

The Washington Examiner reports:

Biden’s Seth Meyers interview suffers drastic ratings drop among younger viewers

President Joe Biden’s appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers did not perform as well as he might have hoped.

Biden appeared on the talk show, hoping to draw up support amid his tight race against likely Republican nominee Donald Trump. The attempt struggled to land, however, especially among the critical 25-54 age demographic, Nielsen Media Research found.

The interview brought in an average of 852,000 viewers and just 181,000 in that demographic. The figure is 32% less than the same day the year prior.

Meyers’s show has declined in ratings significantly over his tenure, partly due to the public transition away from cable television.

Those are embarrassing numbers for a sitting president. Reruns of Law and Order get better ratings.

It’s beyond refreshing to see that younger viewers also find Seth Meyers to be patently insufferable.

The show only drew 852,000 viewers despite having POTUS on during an election year.

Context: Gutfeld drew nearly 2.2 million on the same night, or nearly triple the audience.

— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) February 28, 2024

Lol they were bragging about this interview earlier this week.

— Liberty Enthusiast (@therealBradDE) February 28, 2024

Odds are that the only people who tuned in to watch this interview were journalists, hardcore Seth Meyers fans and committed Democrats. Other than that, not too many people are interested in hearing what Biden has to say.

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