HERE WE GO… Democrat Rep. Goldman Accuses GOP of ‘Working for Russia’ for Calling in Hunter Biden to Testify (VIDEO)

Rep. Dan Goldman spews the talking points to the press before Hunter’s testimony.

Hunter Biden arrived on Capitol Hill today for his closed door deposition before Congress in part of the Republican impeachment process against his father.

Hunter will testify today before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees. Republicans have investigated numerous bank statements that place President Biden’s second son and crack addict at the very center of their impeachment inquiry. Congress alleges Hunter and his father engineered an elaborate web of lucrative, overseas business ventures that leaned heavily on Joe Biden’s international influence. Joe Biden, his brothers, his son, and family members have benefited financially from those shady arrangements.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) alleges that just one Suspicious Activity Report (SARS) on the Biden family’s finances that she reviewed at the Treasury Department earlier this year involved “tens of millions of dollars and then some.”

Democrats are already with their talking points.  Rep. Dan Goldman accused Republican leaders working for Russia before Hunter’s depo.

Dan Goldman: It is not simply there’s no connection to the president, which we’ve known all along and which was made clear again, but there is a very understandable, coherent business explanation for every single thing that they ask for. And now that all of this China stuff or Romania or Kazakhstan is clearly, clearly baseless and bogus, the only thing that the Republicans have left are these Burisma allegations, which we now know were completely made up by their source, who’s now been indicted because he was working with Russian intelligence to interfere in our election. And so let’s be very clear, because that is the only basis to move forward with an impeachment inquiry. If this impeachment inquiry continues, then chairman Comer and chairman Jordan are working with Russia to interfere in the November 2024 election on behalf of Vladimir Putin, in for the benefit of Donald Trump. That is what this has been reduced to now.

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