Pigs Fly: New York City Mayor Adams Calls for Changes to Sanctuary City Law

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has called for lawmakers to change the Sanctuary City law.

Mayor Adams said he wants the law to be modified to allow for migrants who commit violent crimes to be deported.

Speaking at an event on Tuesday, Adams said “The overwhelming amount of migrants that are here, they want to work. I still don’t understand why the federal government’s not allowing them to work.”


NYC Mayor Eric Adams is calling for NYC’s sanctuary city law to be changed so that criminal illegal aliens can be deported.

Democrats don’t even want to live under their policies. pic.twitter.com/izwPI95NrY

— Congressman Troy E. Nehls (@RepTroyNehls) February 27, 2024

Adams continued, “They need to have the right to work like all of us that have come to this country had the ability to do so.”

“But those small numbers that are committing crimes, we need to modify the sanctuary city law that if you commit a felony, a violent act, we should be able to turn you over to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and have you deported. It is a right to live in this city, and you should not be committing crimes in our city. Right now, we don’t have the authority to do so.”

The liberal mayor also discussed the issue during a press conference later in the day.

“I don’t believe people who are violent in our city and commit repeated crimes should have the privilege of being in our city,” Adams said. “You don’t have the right to be in our city and tarnish the overwhelming number who are here following the rules.”

The Hill reports, “The call for a policy shift comes after a spate of high-profile violent crimes committed by migrants, including the shooting of a tourist in a Times Square store robbery earlier this month.”

New York was the first city to implement “Sanctuary City” laws, promising to protect illegal migrants. The city is now overrun and begging for help from the federal government.

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