New Audio of Mysterious Knocking Sound From Titan Submersible Search Released (VIDEO)

The mysterious knocking sounds that led rescue teams to believe the occupants of the Titan submersible were still alive have been released in a new documentary titled “The Titan Sub Disaster: Minute by Minute.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, on the second day of the search for the Titan submersible, rescue teams reported hearing banging noises beneath the surface where the submersible was assumed to be lost.

The reports of the sounds led rescuers to believe the occupants of the submersible were still alive, but it was later reported the submersible imploded two hours into its journey, tragically taking the lives of all five men on board.

After analyzing the new audio, Navy officials reported the banging signs likely stemmed from “ocean noise” or “rescue ships.”


Mysterious Banging Sound From Titan Sub Search Heard For First Time In New Documentary Clip

— The Triune Times (@TriuneTimes) February 29, 2024

Per Forbes:

A new clip from Channel 5’s upcoming documentary “The Titan Sub Disaster: Minute by Minute” includes audio of the eerie “knocking” sound rescuers heard in their search for the Titanic exploration vessel that led them to incorrectly believe at the time that those onboard may have still been alive after the sub lost contact with the surface.

The audio, which was not previously released to the public, was given to the documentary’s producers by the Canadian Air Force team that led the search and rescue mission for the five people aboard the Titanic sub when it went missing on June 18, 2023.

Reports of rescuers hearing a knocking sound while searching for the sub emerged on the second day of the four-day search, and were confirmed on day three, but the Canadian Air Force told Channel 5 they’d heard banging from the first day and on every search flight.

A U.S. Navy official at the time told CBS News that analysis of the banging noises determined they were likely ocean noise or sounds coming from other search ships, and Chris Parry, a former admiral in the British Royal Navy, told TalkTV the sounds could have originated from the Titanic wreck.

Eerie ‘knocking’ sounds from Titan sub that gave rescuers hope heard in new audio

— New York Post (@nypost) February 29, 2024

After the reports of “potential signs of life,” it was discovered the Navy knew the Titan imploded days before it was officially announced the submersible imploded but failed to release this intel to the public causing the families of the loved ones on board to have false hope that their loved ones were still alive.


Navy Knew Titan Submarine Imploded Days Ago – Military Acoustic Detection System Picked Up Implosion Hours After Vessel Began Its Exploration

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