REVEALED: Nathan Wade Attorney’s Text Messages to Trump Co-Defendant’s Attorney Reveal He LIED in Court and Fani Willis Started Dating Nathan Wade Before Taking Office! (FULL TEXT CHAIN INCLUDED)

Terrence Bradley drips in sweat on the witness stand – February 27

Fani Willis lied! Nathan Wade lied! Terrence Bradley lied! We don’t know what the hell Fani Willis’s father was talking about! And Robin Yearti told the truth!

The Gateway Pundit has obtained a copy of a text exchange between Nathan Wade’s divorce attorney and former law partner, Terrence Bradley, and Trump co-defendant Michael Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, that was admitted as evidence in the Fani Willis disqualification hearing.

The two were texting back and forth as early as September 14, 2023, and as late as February 6, 2024, according to the text receipts.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis “financially benefited” from a romantic relationship with top Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Earlier this month, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade were subpoenaed to testify at an evidentiary hearing thanks to a lawsuit filed by Trump’s RICO co-defendant Michael Roman.

Judge Scott McAfee previously said Fani Willis may be disqualified from Trump’s RICO case over her improper relationship with top Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The Gateway Pundit reported extensively on the testimony in the previous hearings by Nathan Wade, Fani Willis, and Fani’s ex-Black Panther daddy.

Terrence Bradley was back on the stand on Tuesday after previously refusing to answer questions and hiding behind attorney-client privilege. However, Judge Scott McAfee ruled he was not protected by attorney-client privilege and ordered him to testify Tuesday morning.

Throughout yesterday’s hearing, Bradley ducked questions from attorneys for Trump and Trump’s co-defendants about when Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s relationship started. He did not answer the questions, claiming he didn’t know or could not recall any details.

He was sweating bullets on the witness stand as he was grilled with questions that he claimed he could not answer. He now claims he cannot recall any information about Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s relationship before Wade was appointed as a special prosecutor to the lead case.

However, according to messages he exchanged with Michael Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, Wade previously told her that the relationship started long before Fani Willis hired Wade but that “they will deny it!” The Gateway Pundit reported on the video of him on the witness stand, denying he ever sent these messages or that he remembered having knowledge of the information he previously spouted off to Merchant.

Apparently, Bradley also told Merchant at some point that the two had sex at Fani Willis’ private law office that she rented from Andrew and Stacey Evans sometime before she even took office and that Nathan Wade even had a garage door opener to Fani Willis’ home.

One text from Merchant states, “If Stacey Evans husband is the one that caught them having sex Can’t I just subpoena him?” and Bradley responds, “I’m not sure which one I wasn’t there…you would have to subpoena them and fish it out of them…but you can’t be too direct.” 

However, when asked on the stand Tuesday about the apparent sexual encounter at the law office of Andrew Evans and Stacey Evans, Bradley claimed to have no knowledge of anything except for the fact that Willis “rented an office from the Evans.”

Read all of the messages below.

There were also questions yesterday as to why Terrence Bradley, in an email or text message exchange with Ashleigh Merchant, verified the accuracy of the information in her Motion to Disqualify Fani Willis, which seeks to have the RICO charge dismissed as well as disqualify Willis over her romantic relationship with Wade. The filing claims Nathan Wade paid for luxury vacations he took with Fani Willis to Napa Valley and a cruise in the Caribbean – and used money from Fulton County to pay for their vacations. It also states that Nathan Wade’s relationship with Fani Willis started before she hired Wade as a special prosecutor to go after Trump.

When Merchant asked Bradley to verify the accuracy of a draft of her Motion before she filed it and if anything needed to be changed, Bradley simply replied to her, saying, “Looks good.”

On Tuesday, Bradley also told Trump co-defendant David Shafer’s attorney, Craig Gillen, that he knew Merchant wanted to file her Motion to Disqualify and reviewed the Motion with all of the allegations.

Still, Bradley contended several times throughout the hearing that he was referring only to a discrepancy in the amount of money he received for previous legal services when he said, “Looks good,” despite saying this after being asked if “anything else” in the Motion looked inaccurate.

However, that’s not the only correction he made. Merchant sent a text on January 5, asking, “Is this accurate? Upon information and belief, Willis and Wade met while both were serving as Magistrate Judges and began a romantic relationship at that time.”

Bradley sent a correction, saying, “No Municipal court.”

Watch a replay of Bradley’s full testimony earlier here.

It started when she left the DA’s office and was judge in South Fulton,” said Bradley when Merchant asked when the relationship began. “But you can’t put where they met not many people know that,” Bradley added.

According to Ballotpedia, “At the time of her election as Fulton County District Attorney, Willis had worked as a Managing Attorney for the Law Office of Fani Willis, LLC since 2018, and served as Chief Magistrate Judge for the City of South Fulton, Georgia since 2019.”

As Robin Yearti, who worked in Fani Willis’s office, testified, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade started their relationship in 2019 – before Willis assigned Nathan Wade as lead prosecutor in the RICO lawfare case against President Trump. Fani Willis and Nathan Wade both lied in court, testifying earlier this month that they started a relationship AFTER Wade was appointed to lead the Trump election interference case.

The two also claimed that they met at Willis’s home no more than ten times, but according to geo-tracking data, Wade likely visited Willis’s home 35 TIMES.

It was further discovered that Wade and Willis exchanged over 2,000 voice calls and almost 12,000 text messages in the 11 months of January to November 2021 before Nathan Wade was hired.

Anything else? Anything that isn’t accurate?” Merchant asked on January 6, 2024, and Bradley responded, “Looks good.”

At one point in the messages, Bradley tells Merchant, “You are my friend and I trust you…they will not…they’re arrogant as “F”…she thinks she won the other day when she didn’t have to be deposed.” 

What made him turn his loyalty back to Fani Willis and Nathan Wade? 

Throughout the rest of the text chain, Bradley was smack-talking Fani Willis and providing tips on who Merchant should subpoena to expose Willis and Wade’s unethical relationship and illegal reimbursements. Bradley also told Merchant who would deny what if they were subpoenaed or say they don’t know or don’t recall, as he did on the stand yesterday. They also discussed the trips Fani Willis and Nathan Wade took together, including vacations and when Wade helped Fani Willis move her daughter across the country after “her daughter flunked out of FAMU and moved to Cali” — all of which Terrence Bradley denied on the stand in court!

she needs to fire nathan but she wont,” said Bradley.

Bradley also commented on Fani Willis’s January 14 stunt at Big Bethel AME Church, where she lied in response to the allegations of misusing funds and having a proper relationship with Nathan Wade for the first time and claimed that Wade was only being attacked because of his race. “I hated her Pandering to the black church….he was good enough for the white Republicans in good Ole Cobb County but not good enough for me what’s the difference,” said Bradley!

“Any idea who I could get an affidavit from on the affair?” Merchant asked at one point. Bradley replied, “No…no one would freely burn that bridge.”

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Judge Scott McAfee is expected to make a ruling on the Motion to Disqualify Fani Willis and the Motion to Dismiss the indictment against Trump and 18 co-defendants after the hearing and closing arguments on Friday.

WATCH: Nathan Wade had Garage Door Opener to Fani Willis’ Home, Had Sex With Fani Willis at Her Law Office BEFORE She Was DA According to Trump Co-Defendant’s Attorney – Attorney Says Terrence Bradley Previously Gave Her This Information

Mcafee is a recently appointed Fulton County Superior Court judge who previously served under Fani Willis at the District Attorney’s office. Hopefully, he makes the correct and just decision and disqualifies his former employer and corrupt District Attorney, Fani Willis, from her sloppy political witchhunt against President Trump. He should also have Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, and Terrence Bradley jailed and convicted of perjury for lying to the court.

Read the full text thread below:

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