Victor Reacts: Democrats Set Their Sights on the Supreme Court (VIDEO)

Democrats are now openly admitting that they want to strip the Supreme Court of its power on national television.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

On Wednesday, the US Supreme Court agreed to hear the question of whether Donald Trump has immunity from criminal prosecution, and specifically, whether he can evade charges lodged against him tied to the alleged insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. For the record, Trump has never been charged with an insurrection despite the media talking points.

The high court will hear oral arguments on an expedited schedule the week of April 22 and decide by the end of the term in June or sooner.

Judge Tanya Chutkan announced she was postponing her March 4 trial date indefinitely as Trump’s immunity argument makes its way through the courts.

Jack Smith’s January trial against President Trump may be postponed past November.

Democrats did not take this news very well. They were hoping to bankrupt and jail President Trump by Election Day 2024 just like any other violent regime in the past.

MSNBC took the news expecially hard.

Unhinged contributor Elie Mystal, from The Nation magazine called on Democrats to “deal with” the Supreme Court. “And until we do something about that, until we take away that power, until we draw the line on them there, they will continue to do this.” 

It appears that Mystal is surprised that the Supreme Court wants to actually do its job and hear cases.

Is he advocating that we remove a branch of government simply because he does not like that they had the audacity to hear a question? Does he mean that Democrats should attempt to stack the court so they can bulldoze through their radical and unconstitutional agenda? Perhaps he means something even more sinister.

Considering that it was not long ago that a deranged Democrat attempted to take the life of a Supreme Court justice, maybe Mystal should clarify exactly what he means.

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