Biden’s Alexei Navalny: ‘They Really Are Trying to Kill Me’

Joining January 6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s fight against the Department of Justice for surgery for blood clots has been like living through a literal hostage situation that legal experts in the battle for Samsel’s life warn is “Biden’s Navalny.”

Around 4 am on February 20, guards ripped Samsel and political prisoner Jake Lang from their cells in the hole of the basement of the Washington DC Correctional Facility where they were housed for over six months, shackled and chained box cuffed them, and threw them in the back of a padded van.

“As soon as I [am] recommended outside treatment, I get [transferred.]” Samsel told this reporter moments before he removed from the hole in the DC Gulag. “Stopping my meds will make me extremely sick and they know this. They really are trying to kill me.”

Two days later, Samsel and Lang were admitted to USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania, according to the Bureau of Prison’s inmate database, locked down in a holding cell in Lewisburg for seven days and barred from communication.

On Tuesday, Samsel and Lang were admitted to Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn, an “administrative security metropolitan detention center” in the deep blue New York City notoriously hostile to Trump-supporting political prisoners.

Before the abrupt transfer, Samsel, who had been repeatedly tortured during enhanced interrogation by the DOJ in conjunction with the Bureau of Prisons in assaulted in beatdowns by guards that left him disfigured and brain injured, made clear he could not afford to be involved in a single physical altercation or endure another assault.

‘The Effort’ By Janaury 6 Political Hostage Ryan Samsel

The blood thinners he was prescribed 3 months ago by medics in the DC jail, instead of surgery to remove the aching suspected blood clots, could cause him to bleed out if wounded again and take his life.

In December, this reporter was alerted by J6ers housed with Samsel in the hole of the basement of the Washington DC Correctional Treatment Facility that Samsel was screaming in pain in the middle of the night begging the guards to take him to the doctor.

“We need your help!” Zachary Alam told TGP on a call from the jail. “Ryan can’t walk, and the COs won’t give him medical. He’s been yelling for help all night and they’re just ignoring him.”

Samsel alerted TGP that he had repeatedly called his attorney Stanley Woodward for intervention to no avail. TGP tried reaching Woodward at least a dozen times for inquiry regarding Samsel’s ailing health but highlighted by  Politico as “the legal nerd who MAGA bigwigs are turning to for help” did not respond to requests for comment from TGP.

Cops brain injured Ryan Samsel during a beat down with a baseball bat that caused him to lose vision in his right eye.

TGP’s reports about Samsel’s health prompted Americans nationwide to demand answers from the DC Gulag and Judge Jia Cobb. Days before Christmas the jail and US Marshals were inundated with calls from the public about Samsel’s medical deprivation. Samsel was taken to the medical facility of the DC Jail. Rather than permitting Samsel surgery or examination by a physician, nurses in the jail provided him with blood thinners to prevent additional clotting.

This reporter continues to assist Samsel with retaining another attorney to file a writ of habeas corpus to the court that would lay the ground for Judge Cobb to finally authorize his critical surgery.

In December, we found a prospective attorney who agreed to file the complaint that would facilitate Samsel’s request for surgery. The attorney hired this reporter as a paralegal specialist to investigate Samsel’s medical claims.


But days before Samsel’s Feb. 2 verdict hearing, after two months of disregarding Samsel and this reporter’s calls, Woodward finally responded to Samsel’s plea for help.

The attorney, who also represents embattled former Trump advisor Peter Navarro, assured Samsel in a legal meeting he would work with his new prospective legal team to file the complaint that would make the case for his medical treatment.

As Judge Cobb deliberated on the verdict following a bench trial, Woodward did not utter a word in defense of his client or advocate for Samsel’s need for surgery.

Attorneys defending Samsel’s co-defendants, Paul Johnson, Jason Blythe, and Steven Randolph in exhaustive detail persuaded Judge Cobb to continue to allow their clients to remain in presentencing home detention.

Samsel raised his hand and asked Judge Cobb if he may speak to her directly as she permitted Johnson, Randolph and Blythe to return home after the proceeding. Woodward stood silent in the courtroom as Samsel described to the judge his battle with blood clots. Standing alone at the bench, Samsel made clear regardless of the lengthy prison sentence he may be handed or the crimes he may be wrongfully convicted of, he simply needs medical treatment to live another day.

“Your honor, I have blood clots. I need surgery,” he said. “I was given blood thinners for the first time two months ago and I don’t know when they are going to stop giving me blood thinners, so I break them up in small pieces to make sure I can prevent my blood from clotting.”

In response, Cobb told Samsel no documents or complaints were filed with the court to substantiate his claims, prompting Woodward to walk to the bench from the defense table to interject.

“The government has determined he can wait to prison to get the treatment,” Woodward stated.

“That’s not true,” Samsel shot back.

J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Can’t Walk, Suffers Life Threatening Condition In Solitary Confinement And Judge, Marshals, Guards, Congress Could Not Care Less

Following the verdict hearing, TGP waited in the gallery of the courtroom to address Woodward’s apparent disregard for Samsel’s life. For approximately 20 minutes, Woodward fraternized and laughed with the prosecutors before exiting the courtroom.

When he finally stepped out, TGP asked Woodwards whether he would provide the new prospective attorney Samsel’s medical documents as he had agreed.

“I don’t know,” Woodward said. “Ryan is very confused. He is very difficult. He doesn’t know what he wants.”

J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel’s attorney Stanley Woodward.

The requested court filings and medical records would showcase the extent Samsel has been brutally assaulted, tortured, and routinely denied medical treatment, Woodward texted TGP a link to Samsel’s docket on PACER, where m are sealed or costs approximately $5000 for the sum of documents purchasable on PACER.

Uncertain of the prospects of terminating his criminal attorney ahead of sentencing scheduled on June 13, Samsel sought counsel for his medical condition from attorney Amy Collins in the absence of his criminal defense lawyer’s response.

Collins, who has represented numerous J6 defendants that have taken plea deals, allegedly assured Samsel she would not only assist him with litigation that would grant him surgery but fight for him to be granted home detention.

Federal criminal defense attorney Amy Collins.

Samsel alleged to TGP before he disappeared that during a legal visit with Collins, Collins informed him his approval for treatment was contingent on his willingness to cooperate with the government.

“She told me if blame January 6 on Trump, the government would be pleased and ‘we could get you home detention or surgery in as early as a week,’” Collins reportedly told Samsel. “And you can testy in Trump’s trial.”

“I would rather die here,” Samsel told TGP following his last meeting with Collins.

TGP uncovered Collin’s peculiar social media engagement while vetting the attorney’s background after learning of the ultimatum she allegedly gave Samsel in exchange for his surgery and freedom. Conspicuously, Collins routinely republishes the FBI’s Most Wanted List of January 6 defendants and George Washington University’s Program on Extremism.

According to its website, the GW Program on Extremism is “the leading research center on all forms of extremism.”

The academic team of researchers reportedly employs data scientists who work as “volunteer” Sedition Hunters who develop the FBI’s discovery against J6 demonstrators. It appears Collins secures plea deals among J6ers for the government to exploit in its bid to frame and prosecute Trump.

On October 12 at 11AM EST, The Program on Extremism at George Washington University will host a special event featuring a cross section of journalists who have covered the events of January 6th for the last several months.

— SeditionHunters (@SeditionHunters) September 28, 2021

When seeking Collins counsel for Samsel, Collins regularly answered this reporter’s calls. Following her alleged failed negotiation in which she offered Samsel home detention to rat on Trump, the attorney has yet to answer the phone.

“I am not representing Ryan at this time. I would ask that you not post anything with my name unless I give authorization. Thanks!” told TGP in a text message on Sunday after repeatedly ignoring this reporter’s inquiries.

Collins has also authored political commentary warning that “white supremacy” is “growing threat abroad and at home.”  A 28-page dissertation published by Collins in 2020 addresses “The Need For A Specific Law Against Domestic Terrorism.”


Samsel was prescribed by doctors to undergo a glandsectomy to remove swollen and potentially carcinogenic glands near his heart. He was scheduled for the procedure in March 2021. Instead, he and his wife were apprehended in a predawn raid by an army of FBI agents on January 28, 2021.

Jail guards refused to provide him with his prescribed medication and he was tortured and transferred to a different jail each time doctors prescribed specialized surgery. The government barred Samsel from communicating with his wife who is awaiting sentencing for “her role in the Capitol riot” on May 9.

To date, Samsel has been transferred 25 times to 19 different correction facilities across the United States following his arrest on January 26 arrest for protesting at the Stop the Steal rally on January 6, 2021.

Samsel contends the government has repeatedly coerced Samsel into accepting a plea agreement that would incriminate Trump and the Proud Boys and bolster the government’s seditious conspiracy narrative. After refusing to cooperate, jail guards broke Samsel’s eye socket by beating him with a baseball bat. 

“They took Ryan to a room with no cameras and with a baseball bat. They just kept beating him for hours. All the other inmates heard,” defense attorney Metcalf, who represents J6 political prisoner Dominic Pezzola told TGP in an exclusive interview. “They broke bones on his face. Blood spilling was from his eyes. Then they marched him around the jail to make an example out of him.”

In FCI Philadelphia, Samsel was strapped to a four-point restraint chair, seated backward with his feet in the air, and beaten for twelve hours, he suffers from constant migraines, loss of vision in his left eye from brain injury and the ability to move one of his arms.

Photographs in which Samsel is seen practically naked in the broom closet that is used as a hard cell and forced to use a mop bucket for a toilet garnered critical mass and were republished by members of Congress. Snopes alongside reporter 1776 Returns Mel Hawley claimed the photos were a contrived publicity stunt.

According to Samsel, a concerned guard on watch while he was locked in the cell secretly snapped the photos and sent them to his family. The 40-year-old Pennsylvania barber, marital artist instructor and former MMA fighter claimed fellow J6 political hostage and Marines Corp veteran Zachary Rehl saved his life by smuggling him food to the toilet after he was locked and given nothing to eat for 12 days.

TGP corroborated Samsel’s explanation about the hard cell in a Pennsylvania jail where he nearly starved to death with J6 political hostage Zachary Rehl, a Marine Corps veteran and Philadelphia Proud Boys leader who was convicted of seditious conspiracy, stripped of his military benefits and sentenced to 15-year prison for seditious conspiracy.

J6 Hostage Ryan Samsel Reveals Exactly How The FBI TORTURES Him For REFUSING TO FLIP ON TRUMP And Thanks J6 Hostage Zachary Rehl For Saving His Life

Rehl described smuggling Samsel food from a rope through the toilet and confirmed Samsel was locked in the hard cell of the jail after guards discovered the cellophane from the coffee he managed to “fish” from the 5th floor to Samsel on the 8th floor, where inmates notoriously starve. Samsel credits Rehl with saving his life despite the penalty he faced for getting caught.


Jonathon Moseley, a veteran criminal defense attorney of 22 years, was disbarred while fighting the constitutional abuses facilitated by judges during the Oath Keepers trial, in which defendants who committed no violent crimes were convicted of seditious conspiracy, 1512 and speech crimes.

Mosely now assists attorneys with spearheading litigation for some of the most consequential legal cases of our time, including the defense of President Trump amid 92 felony counts, and is working behind the scenes to save Samsel’s life.

“They’re trying to put every kind of every kind of pressure on him, like having his wife in jail as well as denying him medical treatment as a way to intimidate and strongarm him to spill the beans,” Moseley told TGP in an exclusive interview. “The assaults on Ryan Samsel are real.

Ryan Samsel and his wife Raechel Genco walk to the Stop The Steal Rally on January 6, 2021








“Ryan can testify about Ray Epps, so, they have either got to flip him or they’ve got to disappear him. That’s the deal.  I mean, who gets a bat into a jail?” Moseley continued. “Most people think, ‘Ryan Samsel, who’s that? I don’t care about some individuals — so what.’ That’s what most of the attorneys and everybody else would say.

“His former attorney, who was almost disbarred while exposing election fraud and J6ers, about Ryan getting beat up at every jail over a year and a half ago. I wondered then, ‘Why is it every place they transfer him, he gets beaten up? It finally became clear to me: because they have framed him as the organizer because he went through first.”

“The Democrats are trying to make Russian dissident Alexei Navalny, a political opponent of Vladimir Putin, the biggest thing in the world, literally in the world. Navalny was found guilty of trumped-up charges and imprisoned in Siberia in the middle of nowhere on a 20-year sentence. Supposedly, he went for a walk in Siberia in the snow and was sick, then he just died in prison. Biden just issued 500 sanctions against Russia because of what happened to Navalny.

Ryan Samsel is Biden’s Navalny. What do you think is gonna happen if Ryan Samsel dies of a blood clot?”

Samsel rendered aid to peaceful protestor Joshua Black who police shot with a yellow rubber bullet through the cheek escalating the rally into a riot.


  Use of Force Timeline;

After shooting Black in the face, the cops attempted to arrest Black, but Samsel fended the police away yelling, “Leave him alone.”

Police then sprayed the crowd with munitions a second time. An explosion erupted near Samsel’s head as he attempted to defend the crowd as cops illegally deployed excessive use of force.





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