Mike Benz on The War Room: How the CIA and Deep State Are Actively Working to Keep Trump Out of White House in 2024 (VIDEO)

Mike Benz is the Executive Director at the Foundation for Freedom Online.  The Foundation For Freedom Online (FFO) is a free speech watchdog dedicated to restoring the promise of a free and open Internet.

Mike Benz recently sat for an interview with Tucker Carlson that went viral where he did a deep dive into the history of the Deep State and how it affected the 2020 election.

On Friday Mike joined Steve Bannon and the War Room and explained on how the CIA and the Deep State are actively working to keep President Trump out of the White House in 2024.

In fact, according to Benz, the CIA and Deep State are ready to use the same tactics on Americans that they use to overthrow unapproved regimes on foreign soil.

Steve Bannon:  Right up front you’re saying, and you say you have evidence that the CIA and the deep state apparatus is already actively at work to make sure that President Trump does not return to the White House and that we do not win in 2024. Am I overstating your case that you’re making, at least on Twitter and other social media platforms?

Mike Benz:  No, not overstating that at all…  Yeah, I mean, just yesterday on Twitter X, I watched a documentary with people about how the CIA and the State Department did this during the 20th century when they would try to basically rig an election in a foreign country. And then, if the person won anyway, there were all these destabilization techniques in order to including basically having anarcho-terrorist gangs, militia groups, take to the streets, working with the union groups to shut down the industrial sector, mass protests and walkouts, economic destabilization..

…All of this is the blueprint that our foreign policy establishment, the Pentagon, State Department and CIA have been doing for now 70 years. We saw basically an up close and personal glimpse of that in the year 2020, when you had groups like the Transition Integrity Project run by Rosa Brooks. Rosa Brooks was a high-ranking Pentagon official with a CIA blue badge who ran a simulation with John Podesta personally role playing the role of Joe Biden for how to overturn the results of an election in 2020 if Trump won..  So what you’re going to see is a White House completely surrounded on all sides in the event that Trump wins by every instrument of society weaponized against.

Steve Bannon:  …What signs are you seeing right now that we have another issue in this?

Mike Benz:  So there’s a few. They’re using this ‘dictator’ fraiming, that Trump is going to be a dictator, to pull out this, kind of, CIA department of dirty tricks style to take down a dictator from dictatorship to democracy type playbook that we do to topple foreign governments all around the world. And so some of the early warning signs involve things like the fact that just one month ago it was either the New York Times or the Washington Post who published a story about how the Georgetown Law Center is working on lawsuits and trying to basically tee up bills that can be codified before Trump takes office around stopping the ability to invoke the National Guard to break up protests. Which the Georgetown Law center is exactly where Rosa Brooks is right now, by the way, who was the head of the transition integrity project that, again, had John Podesta role playing the role of Joe Biden in soliciting Black Lives Matter street muscle to shut down the country if Trump were to win the electoral college victory. So it’s that exact same network that was coming up with a plan about how to stop the ability for the federal government to basically, if it was put under crisis by mass destabilizing protests, to be able to call in backup to defend themselves.

That is, there would be no way. If they can get millions of people on the streets by getting the unions they work with to just basically all do a walkout, there’d be no way to stop that. And then, in addition, you have this civil society capacity building by the Biden administration. The Biden administration has created all of these basically proxy militias. There are things like, for example, this new climate corps, which is basically these youth student movements. And there’s many adjacencies to these climate protest groups and antifa and the street muscle protests of the summer of love in 2020. And those groups are now getting federal government dollars and are essentially a force on standby that could be used with government dollars as a sort of mercenary army to participate in these destabilization efforts if Trump were to win the election.

It’s disturbing how extensive this network is and how much power they wield. And, of course, it now appears that the government apparatus is gladly working with Democrats to make sure Trump is not victorious.

We have a battle ahead of us.

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