Democrat Leaders Triggered by President Trump’s Rally in Richmond, Virginia – Richmond Mayor Releases Video Statement Saying Trump is “Not Welcome” (VIDEO)

Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan (D-VA)

Triggered Democrats in Virginia took to publicly airing their grief over President Trump’s rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan (D-VA) and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney posted video messages, whoring for attention and decrying Trump’s visit to Richmond on their X pages.

McClellan and Stoney are both members of the Biden/Harris National Advisory Committee.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump held a massive rally in Richmond, and supporters lined the streets awaiting entry to the Greater Richmond Convention Center this afternoon.

Mayor of Richmond: “ we don’t want Trump‘s bigoted message here”
MAGA Baby!!! #Trump2024AmericaFirst

— Raven the Conservative Warrior (@raven_txwarrior) March 2, 2024

Trump has won every single primary contest heading into Super Tuesday, where Virginia and 14 other states will vote for a Republican Presidential Nominee.

Cry more, libs.

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Delivers Remarks at Get Out The Vote Rally in Richmond, Virginia at 6 PM ET

Dedicated to Donald Trump’s appearance in Richmond, abortion zealot Jennifer McClellan held a press conference with abortionist Dr. Sara Imershein and maternal-fetal medicine specialist Dr. Jessica DeMay, who says she “chose to have an abortion.”

The conference received scarce news coverage and appeared to be a desperate attempt by McClellan to stay relevant among her leftist base and push Joe Biden’s extreme agenda.

ABC 8 reports,

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Democratic National Committee (DNC) hosted a press conference in Richmond ahead of former president Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday.

On Saturday, March 2, the DNC hosted a press conference with Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan, representative for the fourth district of Virginia, at noon to speak about Donald Trump’s agenda ahead of his ‘Get Out the Vote’ rally to take place later at 6 p.m. in Richmond.

“As Donald Trump comes to Richmond today, we are reminding Virginia voters that if we get another Trump term in office, reproductive freedom will be under attack,” McClellan said.

From the DNC:

Today, the DNC hosted a press conference with Biden-Harris National Advisory Board member Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan (VA-04) and reproductive care advocates to call out Donald Trump’s extreme anti-freedom agenda ahead of his rally in Richmond, Virginia.


Read highlights from the press conference below:

“Trump is proud of appointing the Supreme Court justices necessary to overturn Roe v. Wade. He brags about ripping away reproductive freedom from millions of women across the country, he’s called for women to be punished for having an abortion and to punish the providers that provide that care, and he wants to take credit for the extreme abortion bans passed by Republicans in states across the country … and we’re here to give him that credit. Because even though Virginians stopped MAGA Republicans’ attempts to pass an extreme abortion ban here in Virginia by voting at the ballot box this past November, the stakes could not be higher for reproductive freedom this November,” said Biden-Harris National Advisory Board member Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan. “President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are fighting to protect reproductive freedom. They are the only candidates fighting to protect reproductive freedom and the right for patients and their doctor to make their own decisions. The choice is crystal clear: A vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a vote for reproductive freedom. … A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to attack reproductive freedom.


“If Trump and his MAGA Republicans enact a nationwide abortion ban, our Freedoms will be stripped away. Virginians and 80% of Americans, want the freedom to decide what is best for our bodies and our lives. We don’t want Donald Trump’s MAGA extremists taking away our options and controlling our futures. If Donald Trump gets his national abortion ban, Virginia women would have nowhere to turn for reproductive health care — We would all lose freedom,” said Dr. Sara Imershein, M.D., M.P.H., a Virginia abortion provider. “The stakes in November couldn’t be higher. Reproductive freedom is on the ballot and women’s health and safety are on the line. The answer: vote. Vote for reproductive freedom. Vote out extremist MAGA politicians. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”


“In states that have passed strict abortion bans, my colleagues struggle with determining at what point a patient is sick ‘enough’ in the eyes of the law to allow her to abort a pregnancy. Often, physicians must confer with hospital attorneys to make these determinations, resulting in delays in care. This could be the reality in Virginia if a national abortion ban becomes law. … Isn’t this a decision that should be left to pregnant patients and their families rather than politicians?” said Dr. Jessica DeMay, M.D., a Richmond OB/GYN and maternal-fetal medicine specialist.


“I chose to have an abortion… I also desperately wanted another child. The quicker I could begin to heal, the sooner I could try to have a healthy baby. But most of all, I thought of my son. I didn’t want to risk my life going through a traumatic delivery when I knew there was something safer,” said Jessica. “I was able to make that life-or-death decision in one of the most difficult times in my life. I did not want to risk my life going through a potentially traumatic labor and delivery. I did not want to tell my son and everyone else in my life why I would not be coming home with a baby after clearly being pregnant. I wanted a baby and to move forward. … If Donald Trump got the national abortion ban he’s pushing for, I wouldn’t have been able to make this choice or access the care that I needed.”

McClellan released the following video message, pushing a pro-abortion message and likely urging Democrats to “come out and vote” for Nikki Haley against Donald Trump:

Trump is in Richmond today…

— Jennifer McClellan (@JennMcClellanVA) March 2, 2024

Richmond Mayor Lavar Stoney also released a video telling President Trump, “Your rhetoric of division and hate and destruction of our democracy is not welcome here in Richmond.”

Interestingly, however, he actually referred to Trump as “President Trump” but didn’t give that same recognition to “Joe Biden.”

Stoney: Hey folks, Levar Stoney here. I’m a member of the Biden/Harris National Advisory Committee. And I’m here to remind folks that President Trump has chosen Richmond as a campaign stop. And I wanted President Trump to know this, that your rhetoric of division and hate and destruction of our democracy is not welcome here in Richmond. We reject those values. We believe in the values of being more inclusive, more welcoming, a place where people belong, a place where people can thrive, and that’s the opposite message of Donald Trump. That is why I’m supporting Joe Biden for reelection, and I ask all of you to get out there and support the president.

Donald Trump is coming to Richmond today for a campaign rally.

As our city’s Mayor, I’m here to remind you that Trump’s bigoted message has no place in our city or in our Commonwealth.

We will re-elect President Biden in November.

— Mayor Levar M. Stoney (@LevarStoney) March 2, 2024

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