Google Blasted for Gemini AI ‘Erasing White People From History’ – Calls Arise for CEO Sundar Pichai to Be Replaced

Google recently unveiled its new AI Chatbot Gemini, and it turned out to be a total dud – sending Alphabet stocks tumbling and raising concerns that the company may not be able to bypass the insane political bias shown by the new application to produce serious and competitive products.

American political commentator Michael Knowles was another one to blast Google for their ‘woke’ AI after the tech giant was forced to remove their Gemini development, as Gemini seemed unwilling to generate images of white people.

GB News reported:

“Google senior vice president Prabhakar Raghavan apologised for the error and said it “wasn’t what we intended” for Gemini.

He added: ‘We did not want Gemini to refuse to create images of any particular group. And we did not want it to create inaccurate historical images’.

This has lead critics to conclude that Google has been ‘too influenced’ by left-leaning employees. After going viral for their huge mistake, Google admitted that the Gemini development team had ‘got it wrong’.”

Discussing Google’s AI during an appearance in GBN America, The Daily Wire Host accused the tech giant of ‘erasing white people from history’.

Knowles told how a colleague of his had tried to search for specific historical figures who are specifically white, and how Gemini failed to produce a single image of them.

“Knowles told GBN America: ‘He said show me a picture of a Pope. And so it generated two pictures. A black man – there’s never been a black Pope, but there could be. And the other person they generated was an Indian woman, who most certainly cannot be a Pope. There’s no such thing as a lady Pope’.”

The situation has sent the ‘Googleplex’ reeling, as it feels the heat of sudden and fierce competition in AI, and has been making some very public snafus.

Business Insider reported:

“Google just hit pause on its Gemini image generator, which was creating historically inaccurate pictures. The slip-up was so bad it sent the company’s stock tumbling, and had CEO Sundar Pichai address the troops, calling the situation ‘completely unacceptable’.”

The debacle has strengthened the narrative that Google is suddenly behind in the AI race, and now there’s a growing chorus of voices calling for CEO Sundar Pichai to be replaced.”

Bernstein internet analyst Mark Shmulik:

“‘The most recent saga only further raises increasingly louder questions around whether this is the right management team to guide Google into this next era’.

[…] Shmulik does say that he’s ‘not ready to declare Google Search dead or even at risk from Generative AI’ until users start moving to other platforms for their search queries. But that may come sooner rather than later. Gartner recently predicted that traditional search will see a 25% drop by 2026 due to AI alternatives — such as Perplexity’s chatbot-style offering.

[…] Google knows this is the reality it’s faced with, and so it’s developing a new AI-powered search, slowly but surely. But the latest snafu has analysts worried about the long-term prospects, and whether Pichai can power Google through one of the biggest storms it’s ever faced.”

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