New York Teacher Accused Of Forcing Terrified 3-year-old In Closet, Warning The ‘Grinch’ Would Come For him

Alexis Breeden/Facebook St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy

Girl… it’s never that serious.

It has been alleged that a teacher at a Brooklyn Catholic school forced a 3-year-old boy into a cardboard box and threatened him with the dreaded “Grinch.”

On Feb. 28, Alexis Breeden, the lead preschool teacher at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy in Windsor Terrace, was arrested for unlawful imprisonment and endangering a child’s welfare

The New York Post reports,

On Feb. 2, the school nurse witnessed Breeden holding the handle of the storage closet door shut as a child cried inside, according to a complaint filed with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office.

The nurse told Breeden to open the door and when Breeden unlocked it, the nurse observed “a 3-year-old child crying inside the closet in a large cardboard box,” the complaint stated.

The freaky mask was kept in the classroom closet and had been used by the teacher for weeks to threaten kids, according to parents. “The Grinch is in there,” the teacher would tell the tots, according to a parent with knowledge of the incident.

The nurse reported the disturbing discovery and the K-3 program was immediately shut down as the city Health Department and NYPD began probes of child-abuse allegations.

The tax-payer-funded, city-run Universal 3-K program, which is located on Prospect Park West behind Holy Name of Jesus Church, reopened Tuesday.

Breeden, of Castleton Corners, Staten Island, was fired soon after the incident. She was charged with unlawful imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the district attorney’s office. She pled not guilty and was released on her own recognizance, according to court records.

According to John Elefterakis of Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek, the firm who is representing the anonymous family of the child. There are no rational circumstances where what happened can be called “anything but child abuse,”

The Grinch/Universal Pictures

According to the Catholic newspaper The Tablet, the Brooklyn diocese “took immediate action upon learning of a code of conduct violation.” They went on to say that the little boy did not “sustain any injuries,” and out of respect for the student, they would not be releasing any details about what took place. 

Breeden was arrested following an investigation regarding an allegation of child abuse at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy in Brooklyn.

Elefterakis claims that the disturbing incident was not the only alleged bullying at the school, which promotes a nurturing environment for children—implying that the firm’s initial investigation revealed that this was not the first instance of a child being bullied by means of abusive behavior.

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